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$11 Billion Beast Of Financial Terror
Looks To Eat Prison Bars For 70 Years
Cliff McKenzie, Editor



GROUND ZERO PLUS 1281 DAY--New York, NY, Wednesday, March 16, 2005--Bernard J. Ebbers fraudulently orchestrated an $11 billion fraud to boost World Com stock in the 1990s. Yesterday he was found guilty of seven counts of various forms of fraud. Each count carries a penalty of up to ten years, putting him at risk of spending the rest of his life in prison.

At age 63, that's a life sentence.

Bernard J. Ebbers former CEO of World Com was found guilty of fraud

Called "white collar crime," top executives who cook the books and manipulate the economy of a company are often thought of as different from the street thug who shoves a gun in your face and steals your money, or a home invasion madman who bursts through the door and ravages the house while holding family members in terror during the pillage.

But in the truest sense, Ebbers, former CEO of World Com, and other Corporate Terrorists are even more insidiously evil than someone with the guts to stand face-to-face while ripping you off.

Bilking tens of thousands of people out of their savings, crashing stock values that may contain the hope for a child's college education or a person's retirement, smashing a person's job by removing it as part of corporate cuts, are all acts of an unconscionable Beast of Terror swinging his talons wildly through a crowd of innocent people in search for the most tender morsels and uncaring about all the waste and carnage he creates to acquire it.

Ebbers is the highest top executive to be convicted of cooking the books. He duped investment bankers who sold stocks and bonds to investors, and the $11 billion will never be returned to those victims of his heartless crimes.

So why shouldn't Ebbers be sentenced to a maximum security, hard-core prison with the lowest of lowlife scum criminals? He should.

Just because his worth, kited by his own accounting, once soared upward of $1 billion doesn't give him a chit to a high-class jail where country-club surroundings try to hide the fact there are fences and bars hidden in the ivy walls surrounding the club house.

Ebbers is a Beast of Financial Terror

Ebbers is a Beast of Financial Terror. He's just as vile and corrupt as someone holding a gun to a child's head, for the worst part of his crime is the violation of "trust." Top executives in public companies carry with them a fiduciary to honor their stockholders. Stockholders in America and the world can be the average American, a family who puts its faith in a retirement or buying company stock in hopes that one day it will grow into a tree of security and funding for the family's future use.

Ebbers and people like him become "fathers" or "mothers" and their role as the "head" of the corporate family is to protect their "children," the stockholders, investors and employees who count on the company's security and evolution.

When the head of the company sets out to violate the trust of the "family members" he's no different than the father who beats his children. He should be treated with the same ferocity as the crime he commits.

Ebbers is a Beast of Terror.

He deserves the worst sentencing.

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