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Cliff McKenzie, Editor

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1312 DAY--New York, NY, Saturday, April 16, 2005--Yesterday was tax day. More than 100 million Americans shoved envelopes into the mail to pay their fair share of government support at the federal, state and local levels.

But what did they get for their money?

That's the question many pose each year as tax deadline approaches.

Americans ask "What am I getting for my money?"

"What am I getting for my money?"

Unfortunately, most Americans rely on "government" to perform a vast array of services from fire and police, to funding combat troops ready to fight at the drop of a hat both here on American soil as well as anywhere in the world "democracy" is threatened.

Today, more than ever, the question looms as to the value of funding "democracy" on a global scope.

At what point is there is a diminishing return on the tax dollar investment in far-off lands where the price of democracy isn't just measured in cold dollars but in gallons of blood spilled by Americans who fight to install or preserve it?

That's a tough question.

From a pure "Vigilance" point-of-view, the breeding of Terrorism anywhere on earth is a future threat to the personal security of all Americans even if that threat seems so far distant that the investment in protecting future generations seems secondary to present pressing needs.

But at what point do we as a nation decide to stop pouring dollars into the fences that barrier the "bad guy" from the neighborhoods of almost any town in the U.S.A.?

Terrorism, as everyone is aware, is the indiscriminate attack upon the innocent. The Beast of Terrorism thrives on Fear, Intimidation and Complacency, the last of which is the most insidious of all the Triads of Terrorism.

It is easy to become "economically Complacent" when there is a need today for our economy to invest in productive growth and endless services such as the education, feeding and health concerns of current and future generations.

The breeding of Terrorism anywhere on earth is a future threat to the personal security of all Americans

It is easy to slough off the need to battle tyranny and oppression in some antidivulian culture as a low priority when the decay of our educational systems barks rabidly at us, and many of our youth never finish school and continue to be swept into a vortex of disenfranchisement by not having the skills to maximize their productive contributions to the rest of society.

There must be balance in our budgeting.

At some point, a formula for investing in long-range protection of present and future generations needs to be constitutionalized.

At the VigilanceVoice.com, we propose a rather simple answer.

Fifty-one percent of all our efforts must be placed on the protection and promotion of current generations. Forty-nine percent on protecting their future.

Within these two divisions a vast array of graduated expenditures can be made. But, in keeping with the formula, one can never afford to lessen the impact of future threats by more than One Plus Percent.

In other words, when putting on the table the need for America to "democratize" the world, that effort is worthy of 49 percent of our national effort in some measure or degree. The priority for protecting the future is only One Percent Less than the priority for protecting the present.

Ultimately, such a formula disallows critics to discount the importance of Vigilance for long. It doesn't take much to exceed the One Percent Priority Factor and to suddenly heap upon the present all the expenditures available to meet current needs.

When societies start this process, they rob the future.

Eventually, the children of tomorrow enter a barren land where all the resources have been sucked up by past generations.

A Vigilant Farmer must take care of his crops of today as well as the seeding of those of the future

In agricultural terms, "crop rotation" is a good example. A farmer knows if he or she keeps planting and harvesting the same soil, eventually the earth will no long have an nutrients to feed the seeds, and the land will become barren.

Therefore, crops are rotated so that a field can regenerate its nutrients--take a break, so to speak--and then be ready for planting at some future time when it is thick with resources.

Such a farmer is "Vigilant." He or she is aware that one must care for the future by protecting its resources today, and, that balance is critical to the formula.

So, when we pay our taxes, our vision as to where those tax dollars should be spent needs to be divided into two arenas--today and tomorrow.

Part of tomorrow and part of today is the protection of our most important crop--our children.

And, the thing we protect them from the most is Terrorism.

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