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Cliff McKenzie, Editor

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1339 DAY--New York, NY, Friday, May 13, 2005--The internal organs of a nation dictate its external health.

America's internal organs are under attack at the moral, physical and ethical levels.

Small plane halts Washington activity and evacuates the Capitol and White House

One small example is the recent penetration of a small aircraft to within three miles of the White House. Oddly, the plane wasn't shot down as it pushed closer and closer to the hub of American policy and alleged power to protect the average citizen of this nation, and all those around the world depending on some Big Brother to intervene when the Terror Bully struts down the street lopping off heads at will.

In another incident of a physical nature, a big chunk of the West Side Highway that ribbons up along the Hudson River from Wall Street to the Bronx collapsed. Thousands of tons of earth slid down, blocking the escape route of tens of thousands of Manhattan commuters who work in the hub of the Crossroads of the World.

Landslide in NYC suspends traffic for several days

Another event was the interloping of a Federal District judge, Joseph F.Bataillon, voiding a Nebraska State Constitutional Amendment passed by the voters of that state in 2000 affirming that a marriage was a bond between a man and woman, and therefore excluding the legitimacy of gay marriages. Nebraska, long considered the heartland of America, had its citizens' belief systems usurped by the Federal government, furthering the belief among conservative family blocs that morals and ethics are not individual but collective rights, dictated not by community standards but rather by the whim of a Federal overseer who can erase the desires of an entire state with the whisk of a pen.

Judge voids same-sex marriage ban in Nebraska

The infrastructure of any nation is measured by the collective strength of the individuals who comprise the sinew of that nation. Individuals who are woven into "villages" that we call communities, represent the marrow of America or any country.

It is their belief systems that keep the muscles of a nation taut. When those belief systems come under attack by outside forces such as the act of a Federal judge to strike down a state Constitutional Amendment, eyebrows need to be raised.

At what point does the federal government have the right to dictate how a state of people feel about certain moral and ethical issues fundamental to their way of life? At what point does the federal government overstep its boundaries as a "guardian of rights" to trade off the rights of the majority for the "alleged" rights of the minority?

And before the rights of the minority are recognized as rights, is the moral and ethical values of those rights dutifully measured in terms of the Laws of Vigilance?

In any decision to undermine the infrastructure of a nation, it seems logical that a Vigilance Test should be applied to the issue at hand. Let's take the decision in Nebraska by the voters in 2000 to make marriage between a man and a woman a Constitutional Amendment. Obviously, the goal of the majority of voters was to affirm heterosexual unions and disallow the moral, ethical and legal legitimacy of homosexual union under the eyes of the law.

Vigilance Testing requires that any decision be measured in terms of what is right and beneficial to the Children's Children's Children. Historically, from the dawn of time, the vast majorities of all societies since human beings walked the face of the planet have placed homosexual behavior on the outer boundaries of human evolution.

Nature has done the same. Excluding human beings from the equation, nature does not endorse or promote or encourage homosexuality as part of its chemistry, for the primary goal of all living things is to procreate, to produce offspring's and as a result, strengthen each generation so it can compete and survive in the Brave New World it enters.

Nature doesn't promote or endorse homosexuality

The Vigilance Test considers not just what is "right" for human beings in the future of their evolution into stronger, more viable competitive forces in an ever-changing and challenging universe, but also must present the "evidence of nature" to support any radical change in the status quo of life itself.

Our earth is five billion years old, and life itself began some three billion years ago. Homo sapiens didn't evolve until as early as 500,000 years ago, and our ancestors on the evolutionary ladder didn't start walking upright until 1.8 million years ago.

The Vigilance Test to alter nature's laws, imposed by human beings who believe they have the right to dictate to the whole of a community the rights of the few who violate the majority's rights, must go to the past to fund its modern currency. What is right for the future is the same that has been right for the children of the past.

Strong moral, ethical and physical codes bind human beings to one another for the singular purpose of procreating a better world in the future.

What right do humans have to alter nature by cloning or planting hosts of eggs in a mother's womb?

The issue of homosexuality isn't a stand alone concern in this area. In vitro fertilization, cloning and a host of "external manipulations" to the creation of life is in the same camp. What right do human beings have to alter nature by cloning or planting a host of eggs in a mother's womb and killing off those that don't fit the "profile" of a boy or girl, or don't have exactly the right genes?

America was constructed as a nation of communities. Our original Constitution calls for one representative per 30,000 population--which was then altered in the early 1900's to limit the size of Congress and consolidate power among politicians--so that a "community" could fight for its individual rights.

Today, that structure still exists in the form of mayoral areas. America's number of mayors roughly divides into communities of 30,000--simply because there is a "natural order" to such a community. It represents the moral, ethical and physical values of the people who live there. If one isn't comfortable, one can simply move to another community that is more akin to the desires and needs of the individual.

The "watchdog" impact is flawed

But when the Federal government suddenly steps in and dictates community standards, a warning must be issued. This "watchdog" impact is about as accurate as the defenses around the White House that allowed an airplane to reach within three miles of the nation's capital.

It is flawed.

So is the decision recently made by striking down the gay-marriage ban in Nebraska. Nebraska is a community of people who choose to live in a far more conservative and family-based environment than other states whose composition is far more liberal. Yet the rights of the parents and citizens of that state, under a majority vote, have been discounted.

When we attack the infrastructure of Vigilance, we create Terrorism. When the individuals who believe in certain values find those values to be thwarted by the whim of politicians hiding under the robes of law, then the Vigilance Test must supercede the law.

Terrorism is created when the infrastructure of Vigilance is attacked

Nature and the people of Nebraska believe that the security of the species does not rest in the promotion and promulgation of homosexuality as a "natural" and "authorized" state. If homosexuality were to be extended to the nth degree, then humanity would cease to exist because procreation would not occur. Nature would strike down such a law.

Americans, in their struggle to be more "civilized" and to consider themselves "highly evolved" have reverted back to the animalism of unconscious concern for the future of their children.

By violating a state's right to ban homosexual marriages, the federal government violates the Laws of Vigilance.

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