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Cliff McKenzie, Editor

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1460 DAY--New York, NY, Sunday, September 11, 2005--America has learned little since that fateful Tuesday, fourteen hundred and sixty days ago when the security of millions vanished in less than ten seconds.

That's the time it took for the World Trade Center to collapse. I was standing a few blocks away, huddled against a brick wall with three women I was trying to soothe as we all expected to end our last moments on earth in a pile of angry, twisted rubble.

Cliff McKenzie, editor of VigilanceVoice, at Ground Zero

On this, the fourth anniversary of the Terrorist Attack that shocked the serenity and ripped away the safety net Americans felt for decades that they were exempt from third-world violence, another 9/11 is boiling to the surface.

It is the shock and awe not of a war against masked Terrorists or crazed madmen slitting the throats of passengers aboard airline planes heading for the World Trade Center, but of a nation of helpless people to stop the threat of Nature's Terrorism.

Thousands of dead bodies are floating to the surface in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans and other coastal cities, displacing tens of thousands and stirring a cauldron of racial angst where blame and accusations of prejudice and class marginalization have been hurled at the White House and all America for standing back while a 9/11 of Nature's making ripped at the moral fabric of our nation.

The same pall hanging over America post NineEleven.....

Four years ago the handful of Terrorists brought America together into one angry fist of people bent on revenge for the 21st Century Pearl Harbor attack on a bright, sunny September day. Flags flapped in the wind everywhere, even from windows of those who historically rejected nationalism and made it a crusade to spit or burn the flag as a protest against the ills of big government seeking to oppress and violate the rights of minorities.

No flags fly in the wake of hurricane Katrina except the skull and bones signet of the pirates who loot and pillage with a sense of impunity that only devastation and lack of moral or physical authority offers such bloviators of selfish disregard for law and order.

The same pall that hung over America in the shocking immediate panic of the 9/11 attacks four years ago, hangs over the nearly 300 million citizens of this nation as the after-shock of Katrina settles in. Following 9/11, America's blood boiled and there was a national cry for reparation with a rallying of common effort against the faceless enemy of Terrorism that threatened every man, woman and child.

But the shroud that exists today in America is far more insidious. The great Terrorist Cloud hanging in the air in the wake of Katrina is our own shadow. It is ominous, laced with race and politics and class distinctions and endless finger pointings about who was most at fault. Worse, the enemy is us. We are the Terrorist.

Americans realize from the devastation in New Orleans and other hard-struck Gulf cities that we are powerless over Nature, and, more than ill prepared to face her wrath.

If the roving bands of looters symbolize one thing in New Orleans, it is the Beast Within us all that comes unleashed in times of crises and forces the most sedate and peaceful into a state of defense, capabable of becoming a looter if for no other reason than to defend one's family and loved ones against the ravages of caveman survival.

...hangs over America as a result of Katrina's Terrorism

Worse, New Orleans unveils the lack of Vigilance within each community to protect itself from harm.

Long ago, the VigilanceVoice called for each neighborhood, each community, to create a Parents of Vigilance Team and bind neighbor-to-neighbor as one against the ominous threats of Terrorism from without as well as from within.

What brings blacks and whites and reds and yellows, and conservatives and liberals and Jews and Christians and Muslims and Agnostics and Athiests to sit on one big couch is the belief in the safety of the Children's Children's Children.

We must learn to be like the world's children we wish to protect

Only when there is a force beyond our own selfish and often twisted points of view, can we see beyond engrained, learned and often fatal bigotries and prejudices. When we look at the innocence of children, we see a duty and responsibility of community that far exceeds self righteousness.

The Katrina Hurricane has flooded the moral consciousness of America to reexamine its readiness to protect the children of this nation.

What is clear is that the external Sentinels of Vigilance--government, at the local, community, state and national level--have failed to provide the needed support and protection.

We know must look in the mirror.

We must see ourselves at the Sentinels of Vigilance, and assume that role individually and collectively.

If you want to become a Parent of Vigilance, a Grandparent of Vigilance, a Citizen of Vigilance, read this site thoroughly. All the answers lie within.


Cliff McKenzie


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