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5th Anniversary of 9/11

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1825 DAYS,--New York, NY, Monday, September 11, 2006--The bells toll. For whom do they toll? They toll for the Beast Within and the Beast Without.

It is five years later.

Terrorism is still knocking on America's doorstep, lurking in the shadows of children's playgrounds where mothers want the horrors of threat to their offspring to vanish.

The Beast of Terror, however, is still plotting, planning, taking deep, long breaths as he bides his time, counting on the fact that Vigilance will bend and break, and that the ultimate sigh of relief will be exhaled by those who want to believe the Beast Within and Without has slithered into the bushes, out of sight, out of mind.

For the past year and more, I have stepped away from the plate of Terrorism, and fought the daily urge to carve out its guts as best I can with the scalpel of Vigilance, trying, as desperately as one man can, to eviscerate its threat and implant upon readers the true message Terrorism brings to all.

That lesson is that Terrorism is not new. It is not hallmarked by September 11, 2001, or, for that matter, any other infamous date in modern or ancient history.

Terrorism is as fundamental as breathing in or out, for it exists as night does to day, or right to wrong, or black to white.

Its core is not vested in the chest of Osama Bin Laden, or Genghis Khan, or Adolph Hitler, and, therefore, upon the brutality of any of these men's deaths, or the elimination of their children, or their children's children, can society or civilization relax its vigil against its next uprising.

Terrorism is a state of being, exhibited by the fear in a child's eyes that its mother or father might smack them if they look at them the wrong way, or the rigid, horrid tension in a young girl as she hears the creaking of the steps signaling her father's approach to molest her one more time before she goes to sleep in what the uniformed might consider the safety and comfort of her home.

Terrorism is the choice one makes to suck down the contents of a gin or vodka bottle and to cry and whimper over being fired, or laid off, or not being respected by others, or wearing the cloak of feeling one is a failure in life, a "sinner," a loser, a lout, a no-good-for-nothing piece of fecal material.

When two planes smashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and nearly 3,000 lives were lost to the hands of "terrorists" claiming a victory against America's false sense of security, it was only a small, unnoticeable burp in a long train of Terrorism that has been traveling its course since the first caveman picked up a club and smashed the skull of another because he was standing too close to the dinosaur meat.

There are two types of Terrorism. One is physical. The other emotional.

Physical Terrorism is that sense of fear and despair we feel when someone shoves a gun to our head, or takes our children hostage and threatens to kill them if we don't respond to their demands.

Emotional Terrorism is about our persistent fears, apprehensions, anxiety and overall depreciation of our selves and others that casts darkness on our world, and turns us into insects, seeking to hide under rocks and in crevices waiting for the next heel to smash down upon our heads.

We, who suffer from the "victimization" of others, we, who consider ourselves a nail and all others a hammer pounding us into constant submission, we, are the true victims of Emotional Terrorism.

Today, as we pay respects to the horrible memory of Physical Terrorism exhibited by 9/11 ceremonies and countless, endless tributes to all the "heroes" of that day, must be wary of thinking that Terrorism is about some enemy afar plotting and planning our demise with a dirty bomb, or a fleet of airplanes smashing into more buildings.

Nine Eleven was a wake-up call at the best to the need for Internal Vigilance.

It was Nature's way of reminding us all that we must protect ourselves against the forces of Terrorism from within, not simply without.

Despite all the efforts of any government, there is no defense against true terrorism. If mad people seek to destroy icons and symbols of freedom and individuality, they will. No one can stop them, just as a group of people holding hands on a sea shore cannot stop the tide from coming in.

But, we must not forget, the great weapon of Terrorism is not the destruction it creates, or the lives it takes in its aftermath. It is, has been, and will always be Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

These three elements are the triads of Terrorism.

A true terrorist seeks not to destroy, but to threaten. He or she seeks to poison the individuals in a society into feeling a sense of helplessness so that an attack's true impact is its ripple effect that causes Fear, Intimidation and Complacency to rot the bones of Vigilance.

In the Korean War, Americans fell prey to Terrorism. The Chinese applied "mental torture" and broke countless Americans into believing they were evil and corrupt. Brainwashing was the chant of the day, and, it worked because Fear, Intimidation and Complacency were the tools used to ravage the will of the warriors.

However, one group refused all attempts to break them.

They were the Turkish warriors.

All threats to an individual were taken by that individual. The group refused to assume the sub threat to them. Individuals were tortured in hopes of being broken, but none did. One by one, the Turks stood up, unafraid of their captor's obvious attempts to use the power of force to make their knees bend.

Finally, the Chinese stopped trying and left the Turks alone.

If Americans stand up to Terrorism as boldly as the Turkish prisoners of war did in Korea, the odds are that Terrorism would die a quick death.

If one believes that Terrorism's ultimate goal is Fear, Intimidation and Complacency, then only a stalwart stance of Vigilance can counter it.

But that force of Vigilance cannot come from without.

It must be from within.

That is the conundrum.

To instill Vigilance into a society, we must teach individualism as a function of collectivism.

That is, a child must be taught to be Vigilant for himself and others. He or she must learn to protect against the forces of Terrorism--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

This is a skill, an art.

It isn't learned easily.

That's why each of us needs to become Parents of Vigilance and Citizens of Vigilance.

If we do not understand the impact of Nine Eleven, we will chalk it up to a Pearl Harbor or holocaust event--something to be celebrated on certain dates and to forget as those anniversary points pass.

If we understand Nine Eleven, we see it as a demarcation point reminding us how desperately we need to teach our children Vigilance, and to practice it in our daily lives.

That means we must learn to recognize, face and overpower Fear, Intimidation and Complacency at every crossroad. To achieve this requires a dedication and purpose far beyond our own lives. We must think solely in terms of the children's children's children--some three to five generations ahead.

If we don't have a purpose of grand proportion in learning how to be Vigilant in our own lives, we will fall victim to the Beast of Terror's ultimate wrath. We will embrace Fear, Intimidation and Complacency and feel we are being "victimized" by life itself because we "don't have" or "should have had" a better break.

Reading this web site will be a start.

It is full of years of beliefs about one way to fight Terrorism.

There are many others.

But, if one does not accept the fact we all have a Beast Within and a Beast Without, there is little impetus to nullify this Beast. Thus, it roams free.

By learning how to manage Fear, Intimidation and Complacency, we learn to live life with Vigilance, and it is this role modeling that will have its greatest impact on our children, and their children's children.

For whom does the bell of Vigilance toll?

For us all! And, that includes our children's children's children.


Cliff McKenzie

September 11, 2006



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