Human combat can be contained, managed, civilized.  We call it contact sports.  It is epitomized in American Football, where thousands of pounds of human flesh smash into one another in a gladiator style, with contained violence that sates the thirst of the audience for bloodless battle.   Why and how does civilized sports offer a way to manage the Beast of Terror?   find out in this fascinating anatomy of how to "Civilize The Beast of War."


Monday--January 20, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 495
Civilizing The Beast of War

Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

GROUND ZERO, New York City, Jan. 20--The Beast of War has always been, is, and will always be.   He or she is as much a part of human nature as the instinct of the lion to rage against intruders, or the frail mother who turns into a banshee when someone tries to steal her baby.
       As long as there are those who would take what is not theirs, or try to overpower the weak or complacent, there will be Sentinels of Vigilance who will rise up out of the pores of the oppressed to undermine the oppressor.

Good overpowers Evil

      Good overpowers Evil always with force, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.    Even the most spiritual of monks who pray for countless hours that world peace and harmony be the goal of all eternity are trained in the martial arts, capable of slicing their palm against a certain part of an intruder's neck to snap it like a twig.

       In a thousand ways, humans have sought to civilize their Beasts of Terror, to manage and control them so that they can coexist in society without running rampage or turning into stone cold killers who refute civilization's cardinal rule of "Live and Let Live."

      The first Olympics in Greece were held to honor civilized combat.  Early art, such as the bowl pictured, depicts runners in a race around 470 B.C.  Records of the Games date back to 7th Century B.C. 

Olympic runners in a civilized race in 470 B.C.

       The rules in the early Olympic days were that no matter how many wars were raging,  that all warriors put down their swords and clubs during the Games, and that all fighting cease until the Games ended.    Once they were completed, the battles picked up where they left off.  But the respite for the few days was a symbol that the Beast of Terror, the Beast of War, could be brought into a stadium, leashed in the form of athletic competition, and the same effect of power and dominance could be won without blood.
        This was one of humanity's first modern attempts to civilize the Beasts of War.
        Yesterday, millions of Americans as well as global fans of American football viewing through satellite hookups, watched the top contenders battle out their positions for the up-and-coming Super Bowl.   The idea of competition is the strongest, fittest and wisest of warriors rise to the top and engage in a final battle for ultimate victory over all who came before.

Beasts of War

       As I watched the games being played yesterday, I found myself wishing that America and Iraq would choose their best warriors and team up in a giant stadium and fight out an almost bloodless battle of strength, tactics and skill in a chosen sport; the victor then being able to go back to his country with amnesty and immunity from harm.
        Thus it would be easy for society to resolve conflicts, for opposing parties would simply pick a common sport and battle it out, either with themselves as combatants, and or, seconds playing for them were they unequally matched.    The world would be the referees, with the Parents of Vigilance setting the guidelines so that the end result would be fair and just.

Football fans cheer the  prequel  Super Bowl Battle

      One day, we might have a world where the Super Beast Bowl is played, and all who watch can see the power of Vigilance win, as it always does ultimately, but without the blood and pain and anguish of war.
        If we look at sports, we know the Beasts of Terror can be contained.

A solution to the containment of and civilizing the Beasts of Terror

       Now, it is our job to work toward making the Olympics and bloodless competition replace war.
        It all begins with the Pledge of Vigilance.
        Civilize the Beast of War.  Take the Pledge today. 


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