The Beast of Terror has many ways to infiltrate the mind, body and soul.  One technique is to burrow deep into the marrow of the earth, creating nefarious tunnels that form conduits for Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.   The North Koreans have been digging such tunnels for decades, preparing for an invasion of South Korea.   See how the Beast works, gnawing at ways to infiltrate nations, states and human minds with its venoms.  Learn how to bury the Beast of Terror in his own Tunnels of Terrorism.


Tuesday--January 21, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 496
How To Bury The Beast of Terror In His Tunnels of Terrorism

Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

GROUND ZERO, New York City, Jan. 21--Deep in the soil that separates North and South Korea tunnels dug as deep as 220 feet exist below the surface, capable of moving 15,000 North Korean soldiers an hour undetected into the heart of South Korea.  Some are large enough for vehicles to traverse, filled with supplies, weapons and other tools of war.  They are the secret passageways for the Beast of Terror.

Secret  Korean passageways prepared for the Beast of Terror

       The earliest reports of tunnel building go back to September 25, 1971, after Kim Il-sung issued the Combat Readiness Order.  He ordered the digging of infiltration tunnels, saying, "blitz tactics are the only means to enable North Korea to liberate South Korea, and one tunnel must be regarded as effective as 10 nuclear weapons."

Kim Il-sun with son Kim Jong Il

        Kim Il-sun, the chief of state of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea from 1948 until his death in 1994, passed the leadership of his country to his son, Kim Jong Il, upon his death.  Kim Jong Il is currently defying the world by manufacturing  nuclear weapons in violation of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.   Apparently, the son of the father believes that nuclear weapons plus infiltration tunnels magnify his power.
         Intelligence gatherers estimate at least 21 tunnels exist in a variety of forms.  Only four have been exposed, (see below), and each discovery creates extreme denial from the North that they have anything to do with their construction.
         North Korea, wracked with famine and economic discontent because its military consumes over 50 percent of the nation's revenues, poses a constant threat to its prosperous lower half, South Korea. 
         Intelligence pundits argue that the North is preparing for a confrontation with the South, to tap into its riches by exercising Terrorism's greatest negotiating tools--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency. 
         The 21 tunnels are examples of its belief in a first-strike policy. Few question that if military force is used to thwart the rebuilding of North Korea's nuclear bomb making capacity that it won't launch Korean War II by attacking South Korea and any country which supports military actions against it.
         The issue of the infiltration tunnels is symbolic of how the Beast of Terror works to undermine the stability of a nation and, in the case of North Korea, upset the world power balance.

Beasts of Terror gnawing into the hearts of South Koreans

       For thirty years the tunnels have been under construction.    Like a cancer gnawing deep under one's flesh, the host was either unaware of the growing danger or Complacent about acting to treat the illness.  
          No one knows how many tunnels and how far they extend, but the best guesses are they empty in strategic locations that could bring hoards of North Koreans into the heart of South Korea's major cities like termite ants popping out of the ground.
           I had some experience with the tunneling impact of the enemy.  In Vietnam the Viet Cong successfully used them to operate beneath our feet.   Many villages were mazes of tunnels, offering the enemy quick escapes when we passed through, and allowed them to pop up and snipe at us and then retreat to the underground mazes.
           Such tunneling is an example of the long-term thought into protecting the offense of any nation.   The earth is the great treasure chest, protecting those within from detection as well as offering a safe haven for storing weapons and supplies.
            It is suspected that tunnels in Iraq and underground facilities similar to those in North Korea contain the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein is allegedly guarding from U.N. weapons inspectors.   Finding them is as difficult as finding Osama bin Laden, who also is suspected of living in a cave somewhere.
            But the tunnels of North Korea are more than mere examples of preparations for war.   They are symbols of how the Beast of Terror works within us all.
            Fear, Intimidation and Complacency have sharp teeth.   Each likes to burrow into our minds and to take command of our thoughts.
            Like the North Koreans, the Triad of Terrorism--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency--gnaws its way into our thoughts and feelings.   It creeps up on us, slowly, secretively, insidiously.   The goal of the three elements of Terrorism is to go unnoticed, undetected.

Falling victim to Terrorism

            When we have pangs of Fear or shirk from problems in the shadow of Intimidation, or, we resign ourselves that we can't overcome the oppression of our situation and fall Complacent, we are letting ourselves fall victim to the Termites of Terrorism.   They chew through our Courage, Conviction and Right Actions, weakening our constitutions, making us feel "less than," or "impotent," or "victimized," until they have consumed us totally, brought us to our knees where we shout, "Live Sucks!" or some variation thereof.
             This is where the Pledge of Vigilance comes to our rescue.  
             The Pledge is not unlike a Terrorism Tunnel Detector.
             It scans our underpinnings for flaws created by Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.   It is our intelligence gathering system, sniffing like a bloodhound for the scent of the Beast of Terror, who, like a badger, claws at the earth beneath our skin, burrowing into our dark thoughts in an attempt to suffocate our Courage, Conviction and Right Actions from within.
             The Beast of Terror is not different from a cancer in us.  It chews at our resolve to stand up for what we believe. It makes us think we have no Voice in our lives, and if we do, what we say or think falls on deaf, uninterested ears.   The Beast of Terror likes to crisscross and weave its tunnels through our Confidence and Self Worth, shaking our foundations and making us see the dim light of the future fading and snuff the sunlight of Hope that our lives will become better, that we will be able to escape the rut we have dug for ourselves where it seems there is no escape.

The Pledge of Vigilance can be our surveillance satellite

          But if we look to the Pledge of Vigilance as our surveillance satellite, scanning the earth below and detecting the rumblings of the Beast of Terror as he tunnels within us, carving our Self-Esteem into bits and pieces, chewing on our Self Worth and Self Actualization as a viable, growing human being with the ability to rise above our deficits, we can battle the Beast and crumble the tunnels he burrows with the intent of attacking us at will, rendering us helpless to his whim.
             The 21 tunnels in North Korea serve as an example of Complacency.   For three decades knowledge of the tunnels has existed, yet a concerted effort to find and destroy them has failed.   The result is the growth of the North Korean Beast of Terror to a critical mass.
            Not only is South Korea threatened from above the ground, but it sweats out the thought of thousands of North Koreans per hour rushing through the tunnels and popping up in the midst of their cities, threatening the populace, the women, children and the children's children's children.
            We need to take the example of North Korea's Beast of Terror Tunnels to our own hearts and souls, and ask ourselves:  "Am I letting the Beast of Terror dig Terror Tunnels in me?"   And, if I am, what am I doing to stop their extension and proliferations?

Frighten the Beast with the light of Vigilance

            A fast and expeditious way to counter the Beast of Terror Tunnels is the Pledge of Vigilance. If you read it each day, and imagine that inside you is the Beast clawing and digging its way at the foundations of your strength, you can shine the light of discovery on the Beast.    He hates the Light of Knowledge.   Your spotlight will frighten him.  He will run the other way when he realizes Courage, Conviction and Right Actions are his obstacle, for he knows he cannot combat them and win.  The Beast only wins through surprise attacks, through hitting hard and fast and running, like all bullies.
            You can fight the Beast by simply vowing your Vigilance.   He will hear your words and know you know he is within, trying to carve you into a thousand pieces of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.   He will run when you state your Vow of Vigilance for his tunnels will collapse.   They will be filled with granite of your convictions, and the resolve of your purpose to stand tall in the face of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.
           Take the Pledge of Vigilance today.
           Bury the Beast of Terror in his own Tunnels of Terrorism.

The four exposed North Korean Tunnels of Terrorism

            First tunnel  discovered November 1974 - It has the             Second tunnel March 1975 large enough to move tanks and                                                                    -can move 30,000 troops per hour
capacity to move an entire regiment through it                                                                                                                                                   

   Third tunnel October 1978 is designed for tank movements       Fourth tunnel  March 1990
    and capable of moving a full division; evidently for a surprise                                                                                                                               (major access corridor
    attack on Seoul                                                                                       route to the Yeongdong (Seoul-                                                                                                                              Gangneung)

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