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Apolitical Comment:   The VigilanceVoice attempts to have no politics.   It seeks to be apolitical, arguing the need for Vigilance as best it can from the point of view of the Children's Children's Children.  We attempt to present our views  free of race, religion, political, social, economic, cultural prejudices and righteous opinions. We are not always successful.  Personal prejudices based on our cultures and belief systems do creep in.  Our intent, however, is to keep our vision pure and uncluttered as best we can to make our point.   That point is that the Rights of Children are universal, void of trappings measured by the color of their skin, the land in which they are born, the culture the child grows within, and the belief systems taught to the child. The Equal Rights Of The Children's Children's Children's Future to be free of the Beast of Terror supercede, or should, any and all of our failures to present arguments void of some hint of our political and social views. We ask you to not judge us should you think we have violated our apolitical position.  Instead,  we ask you to judge our intent to preserve and protect the Vigilant Rights of The Children's Children's Children to be free from the Beast of Terror's Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.  We feel confident that intent, in this arena,  is as pure as humanely possible.  Cliff McKenzie, Editor and Founder,

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