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OVERVIEW: Corporate Terrorism takes many forms. One of its most devastating is the violation of an individual's rights--the virtual raping of those rights by powerful entities armed with a lust for taking advantage of the weak and helpless. In the following interview, our Corporate Rape Victim explains the horror not just of the rape, but of the arrogance of the Corporate Rapist's denial of his crime, and the defamation the Corporate Rapist showers upon the Victim.


GROUND ZERO PLUS 1063 DAYS, New York, NY, August 10, 2004--I am a victim of Corporate Rape.

I know that sounds a bit far-fetched to anyone who hasn't been violated by a corporation, but for the countless many who have, you know exactly what I mean.

This was a very ugly rape because it involves a Gang Rape of the worst kind. If you don't have a stomach for these kinds of revelations, maybe you shouldn't read any further.

It started on February 1, 2004.

I was standing at a crossroad and there was darkness all around me. I was afraid to go down the dark, dank path alone because I was so vulnerable. But I had insurance. I thought it was anti-rape insurance, but I was to find out it was only an opportunity to be deceived and led into a Gang Rape.

I was GangRaped by CorporateTerrorists
I was GangRaped by CorporateTerrorists

Afraid, I called upon my insurance company to serve as my Advocates of Vigilance--to watch over me as I walked this dark path so nothing would harm me.

I told them I was afraid and pleaded with them to protect me on my journey. There were three of them, the top executives of this insurance company, ranked one, two three.

It was like asking the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to take my hand and insure nothing bad happened to me on my journey into the darkness.

They agreed, or so I thought.

I was walking along with the three of them to my destination. The place I ended up at was what is called a "Third-Party Administrator." It's a name that corporations use to wipe their hands of the dirty work of parts of their business. They call it "economic efficiency" but it really is like turning your child over to the social welfare department.

See, the Third-Party Administrators are what they are called--third party. It's an odd name, because they really should be called "second party administrators" since they are one-step removed from the big company. But, they call them "third party" because they are kind of brokering the deal between you and the company.But that's not really how it works. And that's how I got raped so badly.

I was led by a Judas Goat into the jaws of the wolves
I was led by a Judas Goat into the jaws of the wolves

The company turns its back on you once you are delivered to the Third Party Administrator. It's like the Judas Goat leading you happily down the dark path and then right into the jaws of the wolves.

And that's what happened to me.

I felt safe and secure as we walked along, and reminded the three men over and over I was afraid. They smiled and continued walking. Their silence was my confirmation--or so I thought--they were going to protect me --or so I thought. They could have said--"Nope, we're not going to protect you. You're on your own." But they didn't.

They delivered me to their "Third Party Administrator." When I entered the room the three men shut the door behind me. I thought they were standing guard outside. I didn't know they had locked the door and left me alone with the Corporate Rapist.

At first, the Corporate Rapist was nice. "Oh, I won't hurt you," the Rapist said soothingly. "In fact, I'm going to help you."

I was starting to feel safe and secure. That was a mistake. I thought for sure the Rapist knew the three Sentinels of Advocacy were standing outside, ready to rescue me at any moment if someone tried to hurt or violate me.

The Rapist told me the three men had sent the Rapist copies of my Plea for Advocacy. That gave me a false sense of security, for the Rapist knew I was afraid of being Raped. And, I was sure the three men were right outside the door keeping a vigilant eye on me.

I was in the room with the Rapist from February 1 through April 12, being led into a state of Complacency.

I was told over and over how I was going to be taken care of, that my problems would be solved.

Child molesters do the same thing. They do nice things for the child to win the child's trust, and then, when the time is ripe, they violate the child and then make the child swear to never tell anyone of the violation.

That happened to me on April 12, 2004. I was in the room waiting for the finalsolution to be given me when the Rapist came into the room and began to strip off his clothes.

He had the foul breath of the Beast of Corporate Terror, and the once warm, caring eyes turned red and slitted as he sneered at me and started to call me horrible names and tell me I was a nothing, a nobody, and that I had no claim or rights, and that everything I had done to get to this point was for vain because he was going to Rape me whether I liked it or not.

The Corporate Beast's red eyes flashed as he raped me and snarled  I didn't matter to him
The CorporateBeast's red eyes flashed as he raped me and snarled I didn't matter to him

I screamed and kicked and fought wildly as the Corporate Rapist began to rip off my clothes.

He told me he was going to give me some money for the right to Rape me, but it would only be a pittance of what I was really worth, and that I should feel really good about getting it because most people he Raped didn't get a nickel or dime.

Then he Raped me viciously. He told me all the work I had done over the past three years of my life was equal to toilet paper, and that no matter what I claimed I had or felt didn't matter to him. He was in charge. He had the power.

He was right. I was much weaker than he. Even though I fought and screamed he penetrated me. I cried.

Where were my Sentinels of Advocacy, I yelled. Help! Help! But there was no answer.

I wondered if they were looking through a two-way mirror, laughing and observing the Rapist take advantage of me. It was then I realized they were part of the Rape. They had taken me to the Rapist with full knowledge I was going to be Raped.

I saw their faces in the face of the Beast. I was being Gang Raped by the top executives of the insurance corporation I sought to protect me.

When the Third-Party Rapist finished violating me, he threw a handful of money on my naked, bruised body.

He held out a piece of paper and forced me to sign it. It was an agreement to not tell anyone he had violated me, and that he wasn't liable for anything that happened to me.

Then he took my clothes. He told me I would no longer have any rights to insurance protection, that I was now naked.

I tried to cover my nakedness but he only laughed at me.

Then he went out the door and left me soiled, bruised, alone with a great gaping hole in my soul. He had stolen something from me, some deep part of my innocence I could never get again. And he had done it with the aid of three top executives who had led me there.

I went home and turned the shower on as hot as I could stand it and tried to wash off the filth of the memory. But the stain was inside my soul, far beyond the reach of soap and water.

The more I thought about the Corporate Rape and Rapist, the angrier I became. So I put together all the facts of the Rape and sent them to the top executives who had led me to the Rapist.

I held them responsible. They are the ones who failed me--failed to protect me!

Then the other day I got a letter from the Corporate Rapist.

Once again, the executives of the insurance company failed me. They turned over my facts to the Rapist, and told the Rapist he had the authority to speakfor them.

The Rapist told me in the letter that he really hadn't Raped me, and, if he had Raped me, I asked for it. He denied the Rape totally, and any fault for the violations I alleged happened on April 12, 2004.

He told me I had signed a release of secrecy and that he had given me some money so his hands were clean.

He made it sound like most Rapists--that it was all my fault.

I read and reread his letter. I had described in minute detail the events of the Rape, but the Rapist didn't bother answering any of those charges. He simply denied Raping me, and or, implied I had consensual sex with him because hehad given me money and I signed his secrecy document.

He didn't say that he forced me to sign the document and take the money because he had just finished brutally raping me and calling me horrible names as he did it. That wasn't part of his story.

Then I found out that the men who had really been the Rapist--the three who led me to the Rapist and paid him for Raping people--had been bought out by another company.

I contacted the other company, another huge insurance company so big that its offices covered most of the world. I told them I had been Raped by the three men they just paid millions upon millions of dollars to. And now that the threemen's company was part of theirs, that they owed me satisfaction.

The new giant company ignored me.

But the Rapist didn't. It sent me the "I didn't Rape you letter."

I found it hard to believe that violations of a client by corporations can be treated so coldly. I felt sick again.

All the memories of the Rape flashed back, and now there was another Rapist--the new company. It was protecting the Rapists. It put up this big barrier of denial by not responding to me, not admitting the possibility that what I was claiming was true.

I was now being double Terrorized.

When a Rape Victim screams for help and nobody comes, and if they do, they accuse her or him of being a slut or whore, it drives the Victim into her or his own living hell.

Today, that's where I am.

I live in a Corporate Terrorism Hell, trying to climb out.

Call The Corporate Rape Center Hotline
Call The Corporate Rape Center Hotline

I can't alone. That's why I'm developing the Corporate Rape Center Hotline. It's for people who have been abused by corporations. They can call and share their fears, intimidations and complacencies with any of the staff members--all former victims of Corporate Rape Terrorism.

The current status? The corporation is going on, doing its thing, Raping people who get in its way.


I'm working on creating a Corporate Terrorism Act that will provide equal penalty for equal crime.

Included in the Act is a section regarding Corporate Rape--that's when the Corporation steals from you your rights, as they did by canceling my insurance policies I owned for thirty years.

Will it solve anything?

I don't really know how it will for anyone but me. But I do know this. Corporate Rape will not go unpunished or unaccounted for.

Our victim stated: "The guy you just adopted, and two of his friends, raped me. They told me they were going to protect me, and led me to a place where another person was waiting--a person they called a "Third Party Administrator."

I trusted them--these three men who agreed to be my Advocates of Protection--these three men dressed in fancy suits with big titles. I had no idea they were rapists.

But they led me to this place I told them I didn't want to go. Then they shut the door and held it shut as the rapist raped me.

Even though they--the three men who I asked to protect me--didn't physically touch me, I saw their faces in the rapist's face. He was doing to me what they wanted him to do--violate my rights because they were all bigger, stronger, more powerful than I.

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