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OVERVIEW: Two of the greates fangs of the Beast of Corporate Terror are Arrogance and Indifference. When corporations sink those fangs into the rights of citizens, they are not unlike any Terrorist who claims to have the "divine" right to do what they want, to whomever they wish. In my case, the corporation has chosen to deny me any rights. They have, to date, refused to admit a whisper of fault in an otherwise hurricane of mistakes, errors and possible intentional efforts to nullify my insurance claim. I liken them to Osama bin Laden at the moment. If you've ever been a victim of any degree of Corporate Terrorism, read on.


GROUND ZERO PLUS 1067 DAYS--New York, NY, August 12, 2004--As September 11 grows closer, I grow more and more angry.

In fact, my blood boils in rage at the arrogance of one of America's most lethal Terrorist--the Arrogant, Indifferent Corporation.

I'm prejudiced, of course.

I'm a victim of "Corporate Rape."

I, my wife and family, those who perished on NineEleven and their families are victims of Corporate Rape
I, my wife and family, those who perished on NineEleven and their families are victims of Corporate Rape

So is my wife.

So is my family.

So are the Victims of Nine Eleven and their families.

Corporate Rape is when a company takes advantage of you against your will, and there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of such victims. Some say the Corporate Road is paved with the bones of its victims. They say the members of the corporations abide by the following creed: "You don't have to be nice to the people on the way up if you're not planning on coming down again."

The September 11 Terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center raped America. They violated our nation's innocence by force. They held Lady Liberty down and took her, one-by-one.

She hasn't been able to wash off the filth of that event.

Instead, she sees the video clips of the Terror Rapists leaping in glee and joy, celebrating the fact they were able to penetrate America's innocence and ravish her and escape.

The head rapist, Osama bin Laden, haunts America by darting in and out of the shadows, bragging that he will return again to rape, pillage and plunder.

Corporate Rapists are similar to Osama bin Laden. They perform their acts of violation against a person and then deny "emphatically" that they did anything. They dare the victim to challenge them in court, and arrange batteries of lawyers to smash all efforts of the victim to seek justice.

Kobe Bryant is a "Corporate Rapist"
Kobe Bryant is a "Corporate Rapist"

Kobe Bryant's alleged rape victim is getting a taste of it. Armed with powerful lawyers and a brand name, Bryant is a "Corporate Rapist" in the sense he has all the multi-million dollar power to do what he wants because he is massive in the power to defend any alleged crime until the victim is suffocated by time and money.

America may be tired of spending billions upon billions in a search for its Corporate Rapist--Osama bin Laden. As the third anniversary of the attack comes, the toil of fighting for the rights of the Victims of Nine Eleven wanes.

America is asking the question: "Is the War on Terror costing us too much? Can we afford to spend so much money on bullets and bombs when we could spend them on education and jobs?"

America is teetering on the dangers edge of the razor blade--do we continue to fight the War On Terrorism or elect a new President who will divert his attention to more "prosperous" agendas, and shove the "war" concept onto the back burner?

That's the essence of the political campaign. Will America become Arrogantly Indifferent to Terrorism by putting down its weapons of offense or will the memory of September 11 be refreshed and spur more Vigilance to rid our land and the world of Terrorism's threat?

My situation with Corporate Terrorism has taken the turn of Arrogant Indifference.

A major insurance company stripped me of my disability policies through a series of events that can only be called "Corporate Terrorism," for the intent of the company from the onset of my claim was to seek ways to deny my rights and to eliminate my rights.

Over the past few months I have sought to right the injustice, but the corporate powers loom large. They have ignored my requests with same arrogance that Osama bin Laden ignores any threats from America.

The corporation, like Osama bin Laden, believes they have a divine right to judge what is "fair and just" and has refused me the privilege of sitting down with them and reviewing face-to-face the series of injustices I claim they imposed upon my wife and me, and the victims and families of the survivors of Nine Eleven.

The Corporate Rapists have told me, despite the fact I have been diagnosed for it, that I don't have Ground Zero Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

They refuse to accept this website as partial evidence that since September 11, 2001, I have been obsessed with battling the Beast of Terror. They ignore that my presence at Ground Zero that second Tuesday in September, or the horror I witnessed and the vow I made to fight the Beast of Terror has anything to do with my inability to perform other functions than to produce this website.

Corporate Rapists allege I don't have GZ-PTSD even though my diagnosis supports my claim
Corporate Rapists allege I don't have GZ-PTSD even though my diagnosis supports my claim

I cry over their arrogance, their indifference.

They represent by the nature of their business a Homeland Security Unit. Insurance companies are there, allegedly, to help the victims of tragedies. But this one has chosen to deny me that help, and to refute any and all claims that I have dedicated my life to promoting the Sentinels of Vigilance at the cost of my own financial security.

They tell me I suffer from depression, not PTSD. They tell me I am a liar, and accuse me of being a thief for accepting a meager partial payment they forced down my throat.

The worse of all is that the insurance company sends to me its third-party representative, a company not associated with the main company, but a paid mercenary who seeks its own profits and is not linked to the other company except to assasinate certain claims the company "alleges" don't "qualify."

The major company hides behind this facade, as though to escape liability. It's like Osama sending suicide bombers to blow up things and denying responsibility for it.

I have chosen to fight The Beast of Corporate Terror and to defang him
I have chosen to fight The Beast of Corporate Terror and to defang him......

Corporate Terrorism ultimately comes down to its indifference to accept responsibility for any "wrongs" it does. That's a sad commentary. In a document I received from the third-party henchmen who claim to speak for the corporation, they use the words: "We emphatically deny any wrongdoing..."

Morgan Stanley used the same disclaimer the other day in settling its case of sexual bias with the EEOC.

Indifference and Arrogance--two sharp fangs of the Corporate Terrorist.

So what do we do?

I have chosen to fight this Beast of Corporate Terror and to defang him as best I can. If I can only pull out one fang, I'll be happy.

I want to show the rest of America that it is against our best interests to give up the War On Terrorism, but agree that battlefield is more here at home than abroad.

When we can stop our own corporations from eating us, we'll be far ahead in the War on Terrorism.

You can become a Corporate Terror Hunter.

Take the Pledge of Vigilance. It's a beginning.

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