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Britain's royal family living space--Buckingham Palace--was invaded yesterday by "Super Dads 4 Justice"--a non-violent "Terrorist" group fighting for fathers' rights to gain custody of their children. But how did a couple of guys dressed up in Batman costumes breech the royal security? What signal does this send to Terrorists with guns and those who attempt to denigrate the rights of fathers to enjoy custody of their children.


GROUND ZERO PLUS 1099 DAYS,--New York, NY, Tuesday, September 14, 2004--Jason Hatch, 33, pulled the bat's eye over the Royal security charged with protecting Queen Elizabeth II in London, yesterday.

There was no violence but Batman remained on his perch to bring attention to his cause
There was no violence but Batman remained on his perch to bring attention to his cause

Hatch, and a friend, with a ladder, strolled across the Buckingham Palace lawn, set up the ladder and Hatch climbed up to a perch that set off alarms set to signal intrusions. His buddy, Dale Pyke, wearing a Robin costume, was climbing up to join him when British guards aimed guns at Batman's sidekick and told him to come down or they would shoot him.

Fathers 4 Justice unfurled a giant banner declaring United Kingdom's "Worst Family Court"
Fathers 4 Justice unfurled a giant banner declaring United Kingdom's "Worst Family Court"

There was no POP-BAAM--POW--SPLAT! Pyke complied. But Batman remained on the precarious perch with the banner he unfurled for more than five-and-a-half hours, drawing attention to the cause he was promoting: fathers 4 justice, a group seeking greater rights for fathers in child custody cases.

Fathers 4 Justice has had more than one run in with British authorities. According to a story in the NY Times, four months ago the group pelted Prime Minister Tony Blair with condoms filled with purple flour from the spectator's gallery.

British security in the House of Commons was tightened as a result, and now a dark cloud looms over the security of the royal family after Batman's breech.

In July 1982, Michael Fagan broke into Buckingham Palace
In July 1982, Michael Fagan broke into Buckingham Palace

Invading the Queen's residence isn't something new. In 1982 Queen Elizabeth awoke to find a man sitting on her bed. Michael Fagan talked to the head of British royalty for a half hour before he was arrested.

The Metropolitan Police were under fire for allowing 'comedy terrorist' Aaron Barshack to break into Prince William's birthday party dressed as Osama Bin Laden in 2003. Three German tourists were found camped out in the palace grounds.

For people who think that "National Security" is able to protect them from Terrorism's short and long arm, this example of Batman in Britain should ring an alarm.

A couple of disgruntled fathers seeking justice in the courts peacefully illustrated the ability to infiltrate one of the great bastions of international security.

This breech is symbolic that any single or pair of people can slip through just about any net designed to snare them. With six billion people on this earth, it's hard to keep track of every face and fingerprint, and, without the ability to shoot X-rays and read people's minds, it may be a while before anyone's able to stop any committed Terrorist from acting.

This isn't disturbing news. But, for some, it is shocking to think that the institutions one "believes" are poised to protect them are as human as the person who forgets to lock the door at night, or leaves the keys to the car in the ignition, or gets enthralled in a conversation at the playground with a friend and suddenly can't see where his or her child is at.

Human defects, the error factor, leaves enough cracks in the pavement for the Beast of Terror to slither up from the bowels of the underworld at any time.

Batman exampled the ability to defy security, and, in Batman's mind, to challenge what his group considers to be "domestic court Terrorism."

The issue of father's rights regarding custody of children is a worthy one
The issue of father's rights regarding custody of children is a worthy one

The issue of a father's rights regarding custody of children is a worthy one. Inequitable custody arrangements ultimately penalize the children, suggesting a percentage of worthiness is greater on one side than the other by the issuance of "visitation rights."

Courts have historically favored the mother in custody battles, but more recently, especially with more and more women working, there has been a steady increase toward parity in child custody.

In Britain, a recent ruling by a judge that allowed a mother to sever contact with the child's father if the visitation made them "anxious" or "depressed" provided a wedge driven between parents and their children.

Contact that was limited to the father also denied the children visitation rights to grandparents and relatives on the father's side.

Terrorism takes many forms, and one of the most brutal is the destruction of the family unit
Terrorism takes many forms, and one of the most brutal is the destruction of the family unit

There are, of course, cases where the child's welfare is paramount, and there are many complexities in forming rulings that allow recalcitrant parents to use such rulings as a club against a former spouse for a variety of reasons.

Terrorism takes many forms, and one of the most brutal is the destruction of the family unit. Children are torn by divisions between their parents, wondering who loves them the most, and often finding that the structure of custody amounts to a "bidding war" where one parent seeks to pit the child against the other parent either through lavishing gifts on them, or denigrating the other parent in the child's presence.

Plus, there is usually another invasion into the household--a new father or new mother and new "brothers" and "sisters," and new "grandparents" etc.

Children's equity in equitable situations is like walking on eggshells. It may be impossible not to break some.

Batman and Robin were not trying to blow up Buckingham Palace. They were trying to restore some reasonable order in the war of "Domestic Terrorism."

England and the United States are neck-in-neck in the divorce race. In 1997 2,384,000 Americans were married. Total divorces reported the following year were 1,163,000.

Wales, Scotland and England reported 308,700 marriages in the same period with 161,100 divorces according the the Office for National Statistics.

Half the marriages in both nations end in divorce. The average length is around 11 years, and 20 percent of the divorces include children under the age of five.

Ultimately, the Terrorism of child custody can be traced back to the issue of marriage. If people marry for reasons that do not include the preservation and perpetuation of a family, then the odds that divorce will continue to Terrorize children is more probable than not.

A Parent of Vigilance is one who decides to become one long before marriage. The role of the Parent of Vigilance does not commence when pregnancy occurs, for if there were some magic transformation of a person's primary mission in life to be the best possible parent upon conception, divorce rates would be miniscule.

Prior to marriage, a man and woman need to tak a Vow of Vigilance
Prior to marriage, a man and woman need to take a Vow of Vigilance

Prior to marriage, both a man and woman need to take a Vow of Vigilance. This vow should be made even before one "falls" in love. If a man or a woman is looking for the father of her children, or mother of his children, then the reasons for marriage shift dramatically from the tertiary to the eternal.

If one views the propagation of the species as the most important gift given to humanity or any creature, and that the duty to be a good parent overrides the individual's thirst to sate his or her private, personal and selfish desires, then the odds are that the children from a union of a man and woman seeking the same goal will survive all the storms of marriage.

I am not so sure that Batman's point is on target. If the real issue is justice for the children, Batman may need to argue that people shouldn't get married unless they take the Vow of Parental Vigilance, and are willing to stand up to it when the challenges of marriage test one's Courage, Conviction and Right Actions.

If the purpose of a marriage is to pave the path for the Children's Children's Children, then the ultimate justice is not "what's right" for the fathers or the mothers, but rather what's right for the children, and their children.

Teaching the children of society that marriage is a fragile institution that allows either or both parties to exist it and then fight over the children as though they were chattel is not an ultimate form of justice that a true Batman would engage in.

Batman needs to remind the world that divorce is the Terrorist
Batman needs to remind the world that divorce is the Terrorist

However, I do admit that Batman was never married, and, that there were many eyebrows raised regarding his relationship with Robin. But if Batman is about doing the right thing for the right reasons, then the safety of the child's future emotional security, and the future of the child's children's future emotional security must be tantamount.

That means that justice is not served by simply cleaving the rights of "child ownership" and expecting that the two halves will make a whole.

It means that Batman needs to remind the world that divorce is the Terrorist, not the judge or the law that tries to parcel out the severed pieces of a child's heart between one household and another.

If Batman really wanted to make a point climbing the wall of Buckingham Palace, he would have promoted why everyone should become a Parent of Vigilance before becoming parent. And why everyone should take a Vow of Parental Vigilance when they reach puberty, to help reinforce that marriage is about two people coming together to live their lives in behalf not of their own personal rights, but for the greater rights of their children's children's children.

Teach your children the Vow of Parental Vigilance
Teach your children the Vow of Parental Vigilance

Those rights include the safety and stability of a family, one that isn't shattered by selfish realizations that parenting was a secondary reasoning for marriage, not the primary.

If you haven't, take the Vow of Parental Vigilance.

Teach your children the importance of it.

And, maybe the next time Batman scales some secure edifice, he'll bring a new banner with him....and it will say: "TAKE THE VOW OF PARENTAL VIGILANCE! BE A PARENT OF VIGILANCE!"


I VOW to make the physical and emotional safety and security of my children--future and current, plus all their offspring and their offspring's offspring--my primary mission as a Parent of Vigilance.

I VOW to protect my progeny from physical and emotional Acts of Terrorism that may cause them to be subject to the Triad of Terrorism--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

I VOW to use the Principles of Vigilance--Courage, Conviction and Right Actions for the Children's Children's Children--to protect them from the grip of the Beast of Terror.

I VOW to teach my children how to use at least One Percent more Courage to overpower the Beast of Terror's Fear of the known and unknown.

I VOW to teach them how conjure at least One Percent more Conviction to quell the Shadows of Intimidation that make them feel Less Than or Better Than others.

I VOW to impart to my children the goal of employing at least One Percent more Right Actions designed to benefit future generations than to surrender to the Terrorizing Thought they are powerless to change the present for a better future, or that they are condemned to the Ruts of Complacency where they resign themselves that they are a nail and the world around them a hammer.

Finally, I VOW to place the needs of my future and present children at least One Percent higher than my own selfish ones so I can focus on helping my children evolve into Parents of Vigilance.

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