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New York, NY, Thursday, October 27, 2004--


In the midst of a world embroiled in mayham, the Boston Red Sox hit a home run for Vigilance last night in its clean sweep over the St. Louis Cardinals to win the 2004 World Series in four decisive games.

But, until the last pitch struck out the last batter of the last inning, it wasn't over. There was always room for the Beast of Terror to foil Boston's bid to win the World Series after being shut out from the honor since 1918 after trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

Almost every fan of baseball was aware of the "curse of Babe Ruth"
Almost every fan of baseball was aware of the "curse of Babe Ruth"

Some have said--and seemingly justly so--that for countless years Babe Ruth hexed the Red Sox for trading him to New York. The urban legend had it that the "ghost of the Babe" haunted Fenway Park and turned the Sox's bats into butter when it came time for crucial hitting, and slowed pitcher's fast balls just enough to mark an "X" on them so the opposing team could smash them out of the park.

The hex began in 1918 when Harry Frazee, owner of the Sox at the time, needed cash to open up a Broadway play called "No, No, Nannette." At the time, the Red Sox had four World Series victories: 1912, 1915, 1916 and 1918 and the New York Yankees had never won one.

Frazee sold Babe to New York for $125,000 cash and $300,000 in loans. Red Sox fans went crazy, hanging "for sale" signs on public buildings, ranting and raving over the loss of the Babe, but to no avail.

From that date, the Yankees went on to win 26 World Series while Boston ran dry as a bone until last night. Eighty-six years of "punishment" some say for selling out the Babe and the Boston fans.

Belief played a vital role in the power of the Red Sox
Belief played a vital role in the surging power of the Boston Red Sox over their final eight games

But something changed dramatically this year, enough to break a long dry and often bizarre set of conditions that kept Boston away from the Winner's Circle for decade after decade after decade.

Studying the Boston fans, one sign dominated all others.

It was "BELIEVE!"



Signs included photos of Manny Ramerez, voted MVP of the series, with the words: "Keep The Faith!"

The universe seemed to be conspiring with Boston fans to upset and overturn any "evil forces" that may be at play.

The moon and stars joined in celebration
The moon and the stars joined in celebration -- the universe was now perfect once again

On the night of its victory over the Cardinals, and its sweep to win the World Series, the moon and stars joined in celebration. Last night a lunar eclipse occurred, casting a signal to the astrologically inclined that the planets were now in alignment and the moon was now red. In other words, to Boston fans, the universe was now perfect once again.

Belief may have played a vital role in the surging power of the Boston Red Sox over the past eight games.

In the division playoffs, Boston was down three games to the New York Yankees. Only one more game was needed to put the Yankees into the World Series. The odds that Boston could win four games in a row over the Yankees was slim to none to virtually impossible.

No baseball team in the history of the sport had ever come back and won after being down three games.

Belief--step in!

Babe Ruth was challenged by the Red Sox and Fans
Babe Ruth was challenged by the Red Sox and Fans

There is a demarcation line between reality and super-reality, or between the average forces of gravity and the super forces. There is that unexplainable hole in the universe's natural order and nature, a tear, rip, flaw that allows peculiar things to happen--both good and bad--but nevertheless peculiar to the nature of order.

The Red Sox moved into that tiny sector Rod Serling might have called the Baseball Twilight Zone where every possible thing that could go right for the underdog did, and everything that could go wrong for the number one team--statisically--in baseball did.

One after another victories fell at Boston's feet to the astonishment of the sporting and non-sporting world. History was being made.

One of the world's greatest icons of sports--Babe Ruth--was being challenged, for the Boston Red Sox were playing against the alleged curse the Babe had issued eighty-six years ago. So it wasn't just some small measure of sporting success that was at stake, it was a huge, universal clash of titanic powers because the Impossible and Improbable was about to become the Possible and Probable.

Red Sox Manager Terry Francona congratulated by his father, Tito, also a Major League Ballplayer
Red Sox Manager Terry Francona is congratulated by his father, Tito, also a Major League Ballplayer

Belief had to fuel the universe. All things require energy of some sort--spiritual or physical--for movement, advancement, action. Baseball teams are no different than automobiles. The more and better the fuel, the better the efficiency and movement.

The Red Sox inhaled the elixir of Belief from their fans who, despite years and years of stinging, heartwrenching defeats, stuck to them. Over eighty-six years, each year becoming more and more intense, the fans cheered and stomped and rallied their team right up to Heaven's Gates. And when the team got sent back to baseball hell, the fans stood behind them again and again as they climbed back up the ladder.

Follow this link to see the countless division wins the Sox had, only to be thwarted at the last moment. But that didn't stop "Belief!"

Boston Belief!

The Boston Red Sox Fans never gave up
The Boston Red Sox Fans never gave up

In a world where it seems madness and Terrorism rule, and our political leaders are busy castigating one another as to which of them is the worst human being on earth, it is good to know that universe rewards the hard-working, the believers, the real champions of the world.

It was the fans standing behind Boston over many years that caused the universe to allow the Red Sox to win an incredible eight consecutive games and to make baseball history.

Millions upon millions upon millions of Red Sox fans over the years have stood by their team in thick and thin, and last night it was the creme-de-la-creme, the topping on the cake of waiting, hoping, wishing and only being defeated.

Sysiphus and Tantalus would both be proud of the Red Sox, but they would tell you it was the chorous of Angels--the fans--who fueled the forces of the universe to align the planets in such a manner as to eclipse all the logic, all the statistical probability, and create, for a brief moment, the impossible to occur.

The Victory is one for all of us
The Red Sox victory is a victory for all of us

The Boston victory is all our victory.

Anything in our lives that seems insurmountable now shrinks if we look at what happened to Boston.

If we believe with the intensity of Boston fans, the doors to the universe will open.

All we have to do is keep rooting no matter what happens--just as the Boston fans did.





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