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Challenging The Vote At The Voting Polls--Ultimate Terrorism or Ultimate Treasure?
Cliff McKenzie

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1147 DAYS,--New York, NY, Tuesday, November 2, 2004--There's something terribly frightening about "armed guards" challenging each voter's right to vote at the polling booth in 21st Century America. And, on the opposite side of that fright, there's something very beautiful and precious about the value of a vote.

There's a strange combination of events here in America this election
There's a strange combination of events here in America this election

On the scary side, some 3,500 Republicans will stand like sheriffs inside polling booths in the state of Ohio staring down the 800,000 new voters recently registered. These "voting guards" have the right to challenge voters who might have fraudulently represented their right to cast a ballot.

But which one gets the jack boot? Which one gets picked out of the crowd to be "body searched" for the "right to vote?"

It's a crap shoot at best. There are some with lists of names of new voters whose mail was returned from the address they listed, suggesting that they offered a bogus address.

Others are suspect the age of the person voting is under 18, the legal voting age.

Then there is the potential bogus voter who may be a felon and didn't disclose that information because it would deny the voter the right to mark a ballot for or against a candidate.

In a fierce battle, the higher courts have allowed the right to challenge voters in Ohio. Inside the voting polls Democrats will be standing guard over the "vote police" observing. If the Republicans "get out of hand" they will be ready to "rescue" their people from "intimidation," "fear" and "oppression."

There's a strange combination of events here in America this election, and it sounds a lot like the not-so-distant election monitoring in Zimbabwe when the U.N. and other interested nations tried to keep machine guns away from the voting polls so people wouldn't fear being shot to death for voting the wrong way.

New York City's Bowery Boys
New York City's Bowery Boys

American voting irregularities go way back. In New York at the turn of the century, every time a person voted they got a free beer, so the Bowery Boys would go from one precinct to another voting and collecting voting slips so they could down another free beer.

As early as the 60's black and undereducated voters were kept away from the polls by a literacy test that required one to be able to read and write at a certain level. This kept the white vote up and the black vote down.

Bracing for Election Day, Palm Beach County officials review the eligibility of absentee ballots
Bracing for Election Day, Palm Beach County officials review the eligibility of absentee ballots

But, in today's election, there is the element of "terrorism" wafting about the voting arena.

It appears in Ohio that gunslingers have arrived to challenge voters, to splay them out and body search them before they enter the poll.

This doesn't ring of a "free nation" offering "free elections." It's more third-world, more in the realm of tyranny and oppression than in the spirit of freedom.

Such is the result of a bitter campaign between two forces each closely pitted in vital swing states such as Ohio where a few votes on one side or the other could shift an election as was in the case in 2000 in Florida.

No matter what the reason, there is something peculiar and ominous about having to install Voting Police next to where someone is about to spend the most important coin of freedom--the vote.

It seems that long before you need to have body searches at the door, the system would disallow any fraud. But, the system is weak. Democrats have been charged with fraudulently registering voters to boost numbers and stack the deck.

1870 Fifteenth Amendent established the right of the black male to vote
1870 Fifteenth Amendment established the right of the black male to vote

The Republicans are claiming they're only protecting the public from what the zealous Democracts did when they knowingly jammed in 800,000 new voters, a large number of which are questionable as to their right to vote.

So the battle wages today.

Women voting in Wyoming in 1888
Women voting in Wyoming in 1888

In Ohio, there will be jack-booted guards monitoring the door. Some claim they will intimidate voters and drive them away; others say their presence will infuriate voters and attract them.

One thing is for sure about today--the American voting system is alive and well.

When people guard the doors to the voting poll as they might the doors of Fort Knox, you know that great treasures reside inside.

There is no question that the great treasure in a free land is the vote itself, not for whom the vote is cast.

If there will be a loser in this election, it will be those people who chose not to vote at all.

The great treasure in a free land is the vote itself
The great treasure in a free land is the vote itself

They will be the losers, the bankrupt, the moral vacuums of this nation. They will be the real voting terrorists, not those at the voting polls guarding the right to vote from infraction.

So, when one begins to argue about the rights or wrongs of Ohio, one should include the argument about the people who refuse to vote or are too lazy or unconcerned to vote.

If anyone should be labeled with voter fraud, it should be all who do not vote.

They are the Beasts of Voting Terror!



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