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The Power Of One:
Our Vigilance Electoral College

Cliff McKenzie

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1148 DAYS,--New York, NY, Wednesday, November 3, 2004--Terrorism and Vigilance are always separated by a mere One Percent difference. This is our Vigilance Electoral College.

The Nation's Electoral College map early this morning
The Nation's Electoral College map early this morning

For Terrorism to win its battle of inducing Fear, Intimidation and Complacency into individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, states, nations and worlds, there need only be One Percent more Fear than Courage, One Percent more Intimidation than Conviction, and One Percent more Complacency than Right Actions (selfless ones) that benefit the Children's Children's Children.

For Vigilance to dominate and lead the way, the reverse is the case. It only requires One Percent more Courage than Fear, One Percent more Conviction than Intimidation, and One Percent more Right Actions (for future generations) than Complacency (either no action or selfish actions that serve the present and ignore the dangers to the present. One can be active in the present and Complacent in those actions to the fallout upon future generations--the Children's Children's Children.)

In politics, the Power of One--is never more evident than at this precise moment in American history. The President of the United States is being determined by essentially One Vote.

And, that vote isn't necessarily from the largest, most powerful state in the union. That vote rests in the hands of the smallest state, one such as Hawaii or Wyoming or North or South Dakota.

The President of The United States is being determined by...
The President of The United States is being determined by ...

In the Electoral College, states are proportionately equal. There is no "giant state" that can swing the vote. A collection of smaller states can generate enough Electoral votes to balance or counterbalance larger states.

In other words, the power of One Vote from a small state can tip the balance. That's why in the last hour the Vice President and a host of Republicans flew to Hawaii to preen votes in hopes that its Electoral vote might be just that "One" necessary to assure the reelection of President Bush.

But the Power of One is not about politics in the current sense. It is, however, about voting.

The Power of One is in relation to the Power of Plus One Percent Thoughts (Vigilant Ones) over Minus One Percent Thoughts (Terroristic Ones).

And, if one believes that one's actions are the extension of his or her thoughts, that the resulting actions from such thinking will be either Vigilant or Terroristic in relation to the driving force behind the actions--then the thoughts, opinions, beliefs, convictions and other compost comprise the soil of the soul.

...the Power Of The Vote
...the Power Of The Vote

It is important that we all look at our Electoral College inside our minds, and elect to stop thoughts that teeter on the brink of or are flagrant examples of Minus One Percent Terroristic Thoughts--Thoughts, Feelings and Emotional Responses that make us cower within as we might in the shadow of some bully or ogre crawling out from under our bed or closet in the still of the night when we were children and the light switch seemed to be miles away and our throats, no matter how hard we tried, would not let the hidden scream escape.

Our Vigilance Electoral College is also a College Like No Other
Our Vigilance Electoral College is also a College Like No Other

Our Electoral College, which we shall call our Vigilance Electoral College, has the power to stop such thoughts and convert them from Terror States into Vigilant ones.

If we believe in the Power of One, we believe that we need only find One Percent more worthiness than unworthiness in us, or One Percent more good than bad, or One Percent more beauty than ugliness, or One Percent more belief than fraud about our character to overcome the forces of "evil" that attempt to bog us down in a quagmire of self depreciation and self assassination.

The Electoral College of the Self is as important to the Nation of the Self as the air we breathe, for only when we inhale One Percent more Vigilance than Terrorism can we breathe crisp, clean air.

The Electoral College of the Self allows us self evaluation for self evolution
The Electoral College of the Self allows us self evaluation for self evolution

That air we breathe need only have One Percent more Vigilance oxygen than Terroristic carbon dioxide for us to survive, and we must insure that it does by constantly checking our thoughts and actions and asking: "Is this the right action that will benefit the Children's Children's Children?"

If the vote is "no" then we know are choosing to allow ourselves to be Terrorized, or that we are acting as a Terrorist. That is, we are undermining what could be.

The Electoral College of the Self, however, allows us to step back and examine the reality of self evolution.

We can, with the help of future generations as our engine of energy, elect to make One Percent more effort than not toward the growth of our selves.

That growth is measured in the amount of times we are able to say: "Stop Thought," and to halt Terroristic Thinking in its tracks, allowing us time to muster at least One Percent more Vigilance to overpower that thought.

If we are not saying: "Stop Thought," then the odds that our Electoral College of Vigilance is not working, and instead of defending ourselves against the great powers that overwhelm us, we surrender to them. We become doormats, victims, oppressed, tyrannized humans for others to kick and abuse.

We forget we are responsible for our behavior.

We hang our heads.

We become no ones, nobody's.

But, if we employ the Electoral College of Vigilance we know that One Vote, One Thought, One Percent more Vigilance, can bring us to victory.

One Vote can bring us to victory
One Vote can bring us to victory

So, today, as the world attempts to understand the Power of One Vote in the political sense, we, the Parents and Citizens of Vigilance, have the knowledge of the Vigilance Electoral College.

We know how to elect Vigilance over Terrorism.

And, it only requires One Percent more effort than not.


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