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Cliff McKenzie

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1160 DAYS,--New York, NY, Monday, November 15, 2004--Voting for Vigilance over Terrorism is a geographical fact of life, at least when it comes to parents in America choosing who they want to protect their land from the Beast of Terror, that is.

Voters in America's "heartland" chose President Bush to protect their land
Voters in America's "heartland" chose President Bush to protect their land

Much has been spoken and written about the presidential election of 2004 in which George W. Bush defeated John Kerry in one of the most bitter and virulent campaigns in modern times.

Unfortunately, both candidates attacked and impugned the other's character of leadership. Accusations reached the boiling point where one side accused the other of near treasonous behavior and the other called the actions to fight terrorism based on lies and monetary greed at the expense of American life.

I was glad when it was over, for the campaign was like watching two street fighters kicking each other while they were down, and throwing below-the-belt punches. The battle wasn't of the nature you would want children to form models from for future behavior, for each candidate lowered himself to the primordial ooze of political slime slinging.

Perhaps the thesis of the campaign had a lot to do with its nature.

Both candidates attacked and impugned the other's character and leadership
Both candidates attacked and impugned the other's character and leadership

The election was about fighting Terrorism, and Terrorism by its sheer character is ugly, distorted, cancerous and void of any parameters of "moral character" for it is fought from the most primal foundations of ripping, tearing and shredding the opponent until only shards of flesh are left on bleached bones.

In Iraq, the city of Falluja is one example. It is virtually leveled, reduced to rubble as a result of the fierce stance by insurgents who refused to surrender.

In America, the battlefield of the presidential election is still littered with blood from the bleeding wounds of those who are still stunned that John Kerry, the Democratic liberal candidate, lost to George W. Bush. Proponents of Kerry drew the character of Bush as being a vicious, greedy capitalist thirsty to drink the oil of Iraq at the expense of killing American troops to seize it.

Proponents of Kerry likened Bush to a greedy capitalist
Proponents of Kerry likened Bush to a greedy capitalist

Supports on the Kerry side marched for months with signs that likened George Bush to being Adolph Hitler and labeled him as a war criminal, a vile and corrupt signet of the worst type of leadership the world has ever seen.

Despite all the acidic accusations, George Bush won the election, and, he won the heartland of America.

Most of the opposition to President Bush's anti-Terrorism platform came from the major cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Over the past century, the U.S. population has shifted from a rural agricultural distribution to a crowded, huddled mass in centralized urban environments.

The top thirty-five cities in the U.S. contain in excess of 83 percent of the total U.S. population.

But, when one looks at the famed or, as some say, "infamous" red-blue electoral map showing how the U.S. voters cast ballots in the 2004 election, it is clear that the heartland of America, what is referred to as America's "breadbasket," chose "Vigilance" over "Terrorism."

Some believe that President Bush represents the Sentinel of Vigilance--a man and father figure willing, capable and able to go to any lengths to fight Terrorism and drive the Bully Beast of Terror into the rubble, as evidenced by the U.S. leveling of Falluja this week.

Kerry was considered by many a "flip-flopper" not committed to fighting Terrorism
Kerry was considered by many a "flip-flopper" not committed to fighting Terrorism

John Kerry, on the opposite side, was considered by many as a "flip-flopper" who would retreat American forces from battling Terrorism; he would revert to a state of isolation, signaling Terrorists that America was "afraid of them," or "not committed to hunting down Terrorism" and therefore open up the ongoing threat that Terrorism would now feel confident to launch further attacks against the United States.

In more brutal and blunt terms, President Bush was looked upon as a brave sheriff willing to drive the "bad guy" out of town and keep him out, and John Kerry viewed as a coward, willing to turn his back on Terrorism and expose the nation and its children to a clear and present danger.

There are those who claim the election was "close" and by popular vote, that is true. The popular vote election results gave George Bush a 3 percent victory, with 51 percent vs. John Kerry's 48 percent. Of the 120 million voters, 60.7 million cast ballots for George Bush and 57.3 million for John Kerry.

But, when one looks at the geography of the election, another view of American voting decision is seen.

Election maps provide a visual illustration of this message. The election maps show a huge division between "red" and "blue" states, with John Kerry dominating the west and east coasts while the middle of America, the commonly referred to "breadbasket," voted heavily for Bush.

The Red-Blue maps are even more startling when viewed by more than 31,000 counties that voted for Bush and Kerry. By a suprising amount, Red surrounds Blue in every sector. Geographically, it was a landslide.

One determination is square miles of U.S. real estate that voted for Bush and Kerry.

The total land mass of the continental United States is 3,537,411 square miles. By votes within the 18 states that Kerry won, Kerry won 23 percent of America's real estate (836,000 square miles). Conversly, President Bush garnered 77 percent real estate votes(2,701,441 square miles) in the 32 states he carried.

President Bush visiting part of Amewrica's heartland with its residents who voted for him
President Bush visiting part of America's heartland with its residents who voted for him(see other pictures)

From another perspective, the Blue States John Kerry won (18) represented 36 percent of the total nation-states, while President Bush's 32, represents a state-by-state victory of 64 percent. To a casual observer of Red vs Blue States, the landslide victory is about real estate.

When one realizes that the vast majority of the U.S. population lives in major cities, the results are even more startling. They tell us there are two different worlds--urban and rural, and that in both two sets of values exist.

The majority of "Bush Country Victory Votes" came from the center of the United States. This is where the "real America" is often described, for major marketing companies will not test new products in major cities for acceptance. Instead, they go to the "breadbasket" states, the small, central parts of America where the "heartbeat" is most pronounced.

Major marketing companies test products in the "breadbasket" states:  The "heartbeat" of America
Major marketing companies test products in the "breadbasket" states: the "heartbeat" of America

Some might call this Wal-Mart country, where values are more family oriented and people look at hard work and simplicity with embrace versus rhetoric and slicked back hair as an intoxicant.

These people also represent the fundamental "family values" of America, primarily noted by America's marketing companies that test products on "middle America" and chose from the success there whether to bring such products into the "big cities."

In other words, if there is a "real America" it has its roots in the Red States, those that comprise the 2,701,441 (77%) square miles of U.S. real estate that voted for George Bush.

From a Vigilance viewpoint, the natural extrapolation is that Americans--the real breadbasket Americans, the real "family valued Americans"--voted for a Sentinel of Vigilance who would stand up to Terrorism over someone who vowed to retreat from fighting it.

Americans in the "breadbasket" Red States are the kind of people who aren't afraid to go up to a stranger beating on his wife and kids and stop him, versus the residents of a "big city" who have a tendency to turn their heads or assume "someone else" will intervene or, elect that it's "not their business."

"Real America" has its roots in the red states which comprise 77% of the U.S. real estate that voted for President Bush
"Real America" has its roots in the red states which comprise 77% of the U.S. real estate that voted for President Bush

Fighting Terrorism in Iraq to the Red States is the first step in keeping Terrorism away from their doorstep. The more willing one is to chase the bad guy to the ends of the earth, the safer the homeland.

The Red States know that waiting until you are attacked is far too late. Offensive action is necessary to protect the future.

Those in America who are still scratching their heads wondering why Americans voted for George Bush rather than John Kerry need to think in terms of "breadbasket" real estate.

Why did 77 percent of the American "real estate" landscape vote for George Bush? Why did these "fundamental Americans" who live in rural communities, work hard, and have deep roots in the legacy of American independence seek the Sentinel of Vigilance?

The "real family-valued Americans" voted for Vigilance
The "real family-valued Americans" voted for Vigilance

If you pry open the oyster shells of their minds you'll find the pearl of wisdom. They voted for Bush because of their children and grandchildren. Fundamental Americans--the Red Staters--sought to reelect the president because he was willing to fight Terrorism from afar, despite all forms and shapes of criticism.

People forget that George Bush could have, for sheer political reasons of reelection, told America he was going to pull out of Iraq just to assure his reelection. He didn't. He risked his political future on his conviction that Terrorism must be vanquished, and that America must stand up and fight it no matter what the cost.

This bravery and courage didn't go unnoticed by the Red States. Men of conviction willing to risk their futures for what they believe is right are hard to come by.

They also knew as fundamental Americans that by fighting the Beast of Terror in Iraq kept him farther away from America, and that turning America's back on the Beast of Terror was only an invitation for him to attack.

There is a strong message in the Red States commanding 77 percent of the total U.S. "real estate" votes for Vigilance.

This dominant percent is a message for everyone that being a Sentinel of Vigilance is more important than being a Democrat or Republican. It serves as a vital reminder because when the Beast of Terror attacks, he doesn't discriminate by party. He will kill, maim, rape and ravage any all in his path.

Red counties voting for President Bush and for Vigilance:  geographically the win for Bush was a landslide
Red counties voting for President Bush and for Vigilance: geographically the win for Bush was a landslide

If you want to continue voting for Vigilance, take the Pledge of Vigilance today. This will assure the Red States--the Vigilance States--hold fast against Terrorism.

It will also assure you have the tools and systems in your home to keep the Beast of Terror from entering your home and threatening your children, grandchildren or loved ones.

Vote for Vigilance in the post-election.

Take the Pledge of Post-Election Vigilance today!


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