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Cliff McKenzie

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1161 DAYS,--New York, NY, Monday, November 16, 2004--I was struck by the word "recusant" this morning. Words are delivered to me daily through a free subscription to various dictionary sites.

Today's word was "recusant" and its meaning is to refuse to submit to authority.

I gave the word "recusant" the old spider and fly in the web look
I gave the word "recusant" the old spider and fly in the web look

At first glance this may sound appealing. Free people are free to refuse any authority. Isn't freedom all about the "right to choose," including good and bad, right and wrong?

I looked at the word for a long time, the old spider and fly in the web kind of look. I think I was fly and the word, "recusant," the spider. It snuck up on me and leaped out from the computer screen, attacking my senses and prodding me to think deeper than I normally might about its meaning and impact.

According to my Merriam-Webster on-line definition, the word hails back to Henry VIII in 1534. Old cantankerous Henry defied the status quo of the day and split away from the Catholic Church and made himself head of the Church of England. King Henry didn't like surrendering to any authority, not even religious authority.

Henry recused himself from the Catholic Church

But, change didn't come simply by the King's decree that there was "a new Church in town." There were people who refused to go to the Church of England church. King Henry made church attendance mandatory, so it wasn't a matter of "choice" about what you did on Sunday.

However, there are those who refuse any authority, including the King's and his alleged "head of the Church of England status." Those who didn't attend mandatory church were labeled "recusants."

...and made himself the head of the Church of England
...and made himself the head of the Church of England

Over time, the word evolved to mean refusing authority of any kind- like telling the teacher to go jump in the lake when told to sit down and be quiet, or, telling the boss you're not going to do the report he or she needs by 5 p.m. because you "don't feel like it."

While these examples are absurd, they remind us that any defiance of any authority is grounds for being a "recusant."

In terms of Vigilance, many might claim their right to refuse to be "vigilant" on the grounds of "fundamental personal freedoms" guaranteed by the Constitution as well as the "natural right" of any human being to refuse anything for any reason.

There are those who feel that "vigilance" is the duty and responsibility of others such as the police, military, government, fire department, the neighbors across the street, the school, the church ad infinitum.

Since true Vigilance is like a religion because it is necessary to employ it twenty-four hours a day, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year, there are countless numbers who have "better" things to do with their time and energy.

These people refuse to accept the "Universal Authority" of Vigilance.

Vigilance exists outside their particular mind set because it interferes with other "choices" and other "rights" that come in conflict with the demands of Vigilance.

These people are Vigilance Recusants. That is, they refuse to accept and deliver the duty of being a Parent, Citizen or Loved One of Vigilance.

They refuse to be on daily and nightly guard against infecting themselves, their children or loved ones with the Triad of Terrorism--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

Parents of Vigilance are not recusants
Parents of Vigilance are not recusants

They do not guard their Second Thoughts so that they might convert their First Thoughts from Fear to Courage, from Intimidation to Conviction and from Complacency into Right Actions that benefit the Children's Children's Children.

These people do not accept the role they have Sentinels of Vigilance to future generations because they are more concerned with self-satisfactions that feather their personal hats and do not require them to stop and think about whether their words, actions or deeds are of benefit to the children or their children's children.

This lack of compliance to the Universal Vigilance Authority allows them the "privilege" of being abusive both emotionally and physically to their children and others around them, for they have no responsibility to not contaminate their environments with Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

Such people are not subscribers to the natural born instincts of all humans to "leave this world just a little better" for the next generation. To adhere to such a belief would be a surrender to the Universal Vigilance Authority, for the UVA forces the evolving person to take inventory of his or her actions and deeds in light not just of what it brings to them today, but in a greater light of what it provides future generations.

Being a Parent, Grandparent, Citizen or Loved One of Vigilance assumes far too great a task for the Vigilance Recusant because it means that any act of selfishness must be countered by an act of selflessness, and any thought that might enflame the Beast of Terror must be quenched with the antidotes of Vigilance to protect the children and others from volcanic eruptions of emotional and physical natures that can bruise, scar or cripple a child's self worth and self respect.

Sentinels of Vigilance think of the right actions to take for the welfare of the children
Sentinels of Vigilance think of the right actions to take for the welfare of the children

Vigilance--the art of thinking more of what is right for future generations than yourself by at least One Percent--is a cumbersome yoke for vast numbers of people who are far too busy trying to figure out their own self values and self worth's.

To surrender to the Universal Vigilance Authority is like being told by King Henry VIII to go to the Church of England or suffer the consequences.

But there are those who don't question the Universal Vigilance Authority.

These Sentinels of Vigilance know in their hearts and souls that all the "true values" of life are vested in the children--in the innocence of those who expect their parents and loved ones to pave a safer, more prosperous path for them.

This path includes both the emotional and physical, for the greatest danger to the evolution of any human being is a sense of personal belittlement, where he or she considers he or she is "less than," or "not as worthy as," or a "victim of" life's cruel and harsh chapters.

A child become recusant when he or she feels less than or belittled
A child becomes recusant when he or she feels less than or belittled

Such a child retreats into himself or herself. Such a child becomes a "recusant" because in the child's eyes all "authority" seeks only to use and abuse the child, and, having no respect or trust in such authority, comes to believe that sating the self by the self is the true and only real reward.

Helping others is left to the bleeding hearts, in the "recusant child's" mind.

So one cannot expect hoards of peoples to rush and sign the Pledge of Vigilance and then employ its principles daily, weekly, annually. To embrace the Pledge of Vigilance one must accept the Universal Vigilance Authority and admit that there is a duty and responsibility that exceeds all human authority to protect the children from emotional and physical harm, and, further, that such harm can be condensed into three distinct categories: Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

The few who realizes that Vigilance is everyone's duty and responsibility eagerly live their lives with only the children's future as their primary concern. They make daily decisions not on just how this or that will benefit them, but how this or that will help them benefit the future of the children. Thus, their selfishness may be 49 percent but their selflessness is 51 percent. They do what needs to be done for themselves to be able to do what needs to be done for others.

That may be as simple as biting their tongues instead of lashing out with an invective that creates a lash whip on the soul of a child or another human being.

Parents of Vigilance take time to bond...
Parents of Vigilance take time to bond.....

That may be as mundane as stopping everything and kneeling and hugging one's child or loved one and taking the precious and priceless moments to bond with the child from one soul to another so that the child knows you are "not so busy" as to exclude and deny the child access to your heart.

...with their children
.....with their children

There are other countless examples that can be listed, but the principle remains simplistic. The Sentinel of Vigilance assumes--at all costs--the duty of respecting the child's future more than he or she concerns himself or herself with his or her own present needs. This balance is controlled by One Percent, for a Sentinel of Vigilance has only to give One Percent more love than not, One Percent more respect than not, One Percent more time than not to validate the role of Sentinel of Vigilance.

So, today, we all have a choice, as we do each and every day.

Are we a Sentinel of Vigilance?

Or, are we a Vigilance Recusant?


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