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Cliff McKenzie

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1162 DAYS,--New York, NY, Wednesday, November 17, 2004--A Bronx couple was handcuffed, jailed and charged with endangering their son's welfare when they were in a hurry to go to work and didn't notice the 15-year-old's bashed head and blood caked on the back of his skull where he had been assaulted the night before.

Back home in the Bronx
Back home in the Bronx, from left, Christopher Osbourne, Neville, Nigel and Ricardo Henry and Carlene Francis

Christopher Osbourne, the teenager lives in the Bronx with his mother and stepfather, Carlene Francis and Neville Henry. On October 5, according to the New York Times, Christopher didn't come home that night. His parents said that the boy often stayed out all night, staying with relatives who had no phone.

Neighbors found the boy lying on the tile of the apartment entrance early in the morning. Christopher awoke and groggily climbed the stairs. His mother told him not to go to school, and rushed out with her husband to go to work and drop off the boy's younger brothers, 3 and 7, at school.

Christopher fell into a coma. His mother called to check on him and when the boy didn't answer, she called his godmother to come check on him. He was rushed to the North Central Bronx Hospital where it was discovered he had a severe head injury.

Police were called to investigate. The parents were arrested for neglecting to notice or care for the injuries. Eventually, the charges were dropped, but not after a period where a restraining order was placed barring the parents from communicating with Christopher.

Evidence disclosed that the blood on the back of his head was not readily visible, allowing the parents to be exonerated from criminal charges.

However, the case suggests a deep moral and social question: "How responsible are parents for the welfare of their children?"

In this case the parents allowed a teenager to stay out all night, setting up conditions for the alleged assault upon him by forces he cannot remember. Secondly, when he did appear there was little concern about his welfare despite the fact his clothes stank, were scarred with grass stains and he was groggy, and had wide blood stains on the T-shirt and undershirt he wore.

To what extent are parents legally responsible for their children?

To what extent are Mrs. Francis and Mr. Henry responsible for "Vigilance Neglect"?
To what extent are Mrs. Francis and Mr. Henry responsible for "Vigilance Neglect"?

The law allows considerable latitude in this area, as it did in this case where prosecutors finally dropped the case.

But to what extent are Mrs. Francis and Mr. Henry responsible for "Vigilance Neglect?"

If the role of a parent is to be a "Parent of Vigilance" for a child, to protect the child from the "dangers" of the Beast of Terror--both physical and emotional--where did these particular parents fail?

First, the evening and night alone in a city full of terror. The Bronx is a semi-war zone at night. That is, like any inner city, when the sun sets the "booby traps" appear. Walking down dark streets or cross unlighted parks almost invites the Beast of Terror.

Allowing a teenager to roam at night unprotected is like putting one's hand into a garbage disposal in hopes no one will walk by and throw the switch.

Was this the first violation of "Vigilance Neglect?"

How about the other nights the parents say the boy "roamed" without supervision? Were these accumulative "Vigilance Neglect" facts?

Why didn't the parents communicate with the child after noticing the disbelieved clothing, the stench and the groggy nature? Was this sheer Complacency on the parents' part, adding to "Vigilance Neglect?"

"Vigilance Neglect" is breeding  when parents are too busy to know the depths of their children's fears, intimidations and complacencies
"Vigilance Neglect" is breeding if parents are too busy to know the depths of their children's fears, intimidations and complacencies

How about back in time? Did the boy feel comfortable telling his parents about his life, his dreams, his fears, his hopes, his dreams, his concerns? And if not, was "Vigilance Neglect" at work gnawing at the foundations of trust between the boy and parents, creating a wall of silence and an atmosphere of unconcern?

Parents don't have to see their child with a bloody skull to be concerned about "Vigilance Neglect."

If there seems to be a "wall" between parent and child, where the child either chooses to or refuses to communicate, "Vigilance Neglect" exists in some degree.

If parents are too busy to know the depths of their children's fears, intimidations and complacencies, "Vigilance Neglect" is breeding.

If parents can't tell you their children's dreams and hopes, then "Vigilance Neglect" is percolating.

"Vigilance Neglect" is all about being "too busy" to communicate with internal self of the child. It is sheer lack of concern for the "essence" of a child.

In retaliation, the child becomes a shell, a turtle, keeping his or her feelings and thoughts away from parents because the parents either care little about them or attack them when they are presented.

Vigilance Neglect is brewing if parents can't tell you their children's dreams and hopes
"Vigilance Neglect" is brewing if parents can't tell you their children's dreams and hopes

So, the child seeks something outside the family- like Christopher sought by staying out all night. Seemingly the last place he wanted to be was home.

"Vigilance Neglect" is a terrible crime.

While the law may not denote it as violation of parenthood, the moral law does.

Avoid being a Parent of "Vigilance Neglect"
Avoid being a Parent of "Vigilance Neglect"

When parents can't see the blood on the soul of a child, they aren't looking. And parents who don't look for wounds on the inside or outside of their children, and are willing to administer Vigilance First Aid to them, are servants of the Beast of Terror.

Their Complacency becomes "Vigilance Neglect," and is nothing more than fuel on the fire of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency, the Triads of Terrorism.

Avoid being a Parent of "Vigilance Neglect".

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