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Millions Jammed Together Prove
The Beast Of Terror Can Be Contained

Cliff McKenzie

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1172 DAYS,--New York, NY, Saturday, November 27, 2004--Those who doubt Terrorism can be contained, managed and tamed need to go to a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. What the United Nations can't resolve among nations and peoples of nations, the famed Thanksgiving Day parade can.

Macy's renowned Thanksgiving Day Parade...
Macy's renowned Thanksgiving Day Parade.....

I survived the Thanksgiving Day Macy's parade with a new respect for Vigilance. We had special tickets to One Times Square, a pie-shaped island in the middle of 42nd Street, most famous as the building that the New Years' light drops down from as the world watches.

Our One Times Square island spot was the result of friends who are in law enforcement. The building and sidewalk were set aside for the handicapped as well as law enforcement. Hundreds of people in wheelchairs used the space to view the famous Macy's Parade that features giant, helium-filled balloons that float through New York City, dwarfing the giant buildings.

...proves we can manage Terrorism and resolve ethnicities
..proves we can manage Terrorism and resolve ethnicities

However, this year, because the winds exceeded safety parameters, the balloons were reigned in, held close to the ground. A few years ago a gust of wind caught a balloon, shoving it against a light pole. The weight of the balloon knocked the light pole over. Unfortunately, the pole fell on a woman and killed her.


Due to forecasted winds, the balloons were held low adhering to strict safety rules
Due to the forecasted winds, the balloons were held low adhering to strict safety rules

Now, the parade adheres to strict safety rules.

In relation to Terrorism and Vigilance, the parade offers a microcosm of global unity. On Thanksgiving day, millions of people compress their 98.6 degree bodies up against one another as tightly as sardines are packed in brine, and, Terrorism doesn't erupt. Civility rules.

It doesn't take much imagination as to what would happen if you shoved citizens of warring nations against one another. Compressing people of all different cultures, beliefs and ethnicity against the other like toothpicks in a box--would probably result in wars, battles, blood, major conflict, hand-to-hand combat, etc. But yesterday--at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade--there was-- Peace...Quiet.. Unanimity.

The United Nations could take a lesson from Macy's Parade. The big question: "How can millions of different kinds of people co-exist peacefully in a bizarre environment where people's instinct to push and shove to get the best viewing spots are overridden by the community need for peace and harmony?"

The United Nations could take a lesson from the Thanksgiving Day Parade
The United Nations could take a lesson from the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Despite all logic, there they were. People who would not normally touch one another for various political, social, ethnic reasons, all jammed up against one another, many with children, peering and stretching to see tens of thousands of parade marchers and the world's most glorious balloon creatures floating through the sky.

Our world comprises more than 200 different nations, over 6 billion people and in excess of 600 languages, not including dialects. The religious variances are almost as vast as languages, for within any one main category are sub categories, branches, veins that spider outward onto the horizon.

In other words, we are a complex world that enjoys incredible scientific and medical advancements such as being able to transplant vital organs--now, even faces--and saves countless thousands from certain death from a variety of diseases we can battle.

At the same time, we are more than capable of taking clubs and bashing each other's brains into squishy pulp, as we are in the process of doing in a number of war-ravaged nations.

But the same kinds of people who, in their own nations might be killing one another because their beliefs separate them, were standing next to each other at the parade, shoulder to shoulder, smiling, enjoying the community of the parade and the harmony of civility.

Terrorism didn't have a chance at the parade. Vigilance was everywhere. It was expressed in the children, for the tribute being paid by the Macy Parade was the joy of children. Everything was for the children--the balloons, the clowns, the floats, the bands, the marchers--and the children were the reason the Beast of Terror had no room to maneuver.

Kermit The Frog was a reminder of being green
Kermit The Frog was a reminder of being green

Millions of people were Sentinels of Vigilance at the parade.

Their primary concern was whether their children could see, and whether other children could see who were around them. They weren't interested in the color of the children, or their ethnicity, or their political beliefs, or origins--no, only that the children saw Sponge Bob or Charlie Brown or Big Bird, or Little Bill, or any of a number of 59 giant balloons separated by 27 incredible floats. Crowd estimates exceed 2.5 million, and each of its components is different.

Children are universally free from the differences that adults suffer
Children are universally free from the differences that adults suffer

Each family is different from the next family, save one exception. Children are universally free of the differences that adults suffer.

The Beast of Terror is not alive in children as it is in adults. And, therefore, the parade stunts the Beast in the adults. The parents become the children--for the moment--free from the reasons to hate or anguish over the differences of belief or custom that could lead to bloodshed.

Kermit the Frog floating down Broadway reminds us all we're green. Clowns running about reveal the key to releasing the child in all.

The Beast of Terror had no chance on Thanksgiving Day at the Macy Parade.

The kids beat him.

The kids beat The Beast  Of Terror
At Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the kids beat The Beast Of Terror

They beat him because their Parents of Vigilance brought them to the parade to see how Vigilance works--and it worked well.

Millions of people co-existing in perfect peace and harmony.

Perhaps the U.N. should move its headquarters into Macy's.


Vigilance works at The Macy's Day Parade



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