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Cliff McKenzie

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1173 DAYS,--New York, NY, Sunday, November 28, 2004--Revolutions take different forms. One is by using the Beast of Terror to attack the innocent and lay waste to all in sight. The other is to peacefully protest what is wrong with the goal of Vigilance rather than violence as the end result.

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese nation attacked the United States similar to the Terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. It was a sneak attack, aimed at killing as many unsuspecting Americans as possible. Its singular purpose was violence. It was revolution by bloodshed.

Violence and Terrorism won because Vigilance was asleep
Violence and Terrorism won because Vigilance was asleep

The words "Tora! Tora! Tora!" were shouted by Japanese pilots and sent by radio transmissions to alert the Japanese fleet that the attack had been successful. Tora in Japanese means Tiger. Violence and Terrorism won that particular day because Vigilance was asleep, lulled into somnolence by Complacency.

A half-century later a new cry resounds around the globe, only this one isn't promoting Terrorism or violence. Instead, it's underscoring Vigilance and non-violence.

"Pora! Pora! Pora!' is the cry of Ukrainian youth protesting what the world has called "illegal" and "fraudulent" elections in Ukraine, a nation that has only been independent from the Soviet Empire for thirteen years.

The word "pora" mean's "IT'S TIME." It is the battle cry of thousands of Ukrainian youth who have pitched tents in Kiev's Independence Square. Kiev, Ukraine's capital, is the center of a political tornado over who is the legitimate winner of the recent presidential election. The Ukrainian Parliament voted the election as invalid because of widespread voter fraud, but its vote has no binding authority in the new democracy.

Riot police stand behind balloons and a portrait of opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko
Riot police stand behind balloons and a portrait of opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko

Two factions are vying for power. One, Victor A. Yushchenko, represents the western interests of Ukrainian citizens, and is pressing for enfolding the Ukraine's into the European Economic Union. He has strong grass roots support, especially by the youth who represent Pora.

The other candidate, Viktor F. Yanukovich, was Prime Minister and, according to the ballots counted, won the election. The Parliament censured the way the ballots were counted casting a pall over the elections and fueling protests by neighboring nations and international watchdog groups that Yanukovich's "victory" had been rigged. He is backed by Russia and leans toward preserving close ties with the former mother country.

No blood has been spilled yet.

Supporters of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich wave blue ribons and various religious symbols during a rally in Donetsk
Supporters of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich wave blue ribbons and various religious symbols during a rally in Donetsk

The Ukrainian population of more than 50 million is struggling to achieve its own identity in an ever-increasing world of competitive forces. The youth want the more progressive assets of the west, while the conservative "old guard" want to keep the status quo in place. See Pora's manifesto below, or go to its linked website.

In a world hallmarked by constant headlines and threats of Terrorism, the Ukrainian situation reminds the world that Vigilance rather than Violence has an upper hand in the evolution of people moving from tyrannical and oppressive management to self-governed democratic rule.

At the moment, both sides are not fixing bayonets or lining up sharpshooters to see who can cut the guts of whom the fastest and gain control of the land by force.

At the center of the issue is the youth, the future generation of Ukrainian adults who are looking to the future of their nation with more concern perhaps than any of the adults who, by the nature of being an adult, have narrower vision.

The cry: "It's Time" has many ramifications not only for the Ukraine but also for the United States and the world.

It is Time for the world to seek better solutions to fighting one another that with bombs and bullets, and I'm not talking simply about conventional military forces. I'm talking about Terrorism as well.

Pora tents near Verhovna Rada are a reminder we can pitch tents to stand up to the Beast of Terror
Pora tents near Verhovna Rada are a reminder we can pitch tents to stand up to the Beast of Terror

In the Ukraine, Vigilance has overpowered Terrorism for the moment. Peaceful, non-violent protesters are camped out in the center of the capital, a reminder to everyone that there is a willingness among the youth to give their lives for what they believe.

Not too many years ago a lone youth stood before a Chinese tank in Tiananmen Square, a symbol of how the unarmed, through conviction and belief in the future of their nation, have more ultimate power than all the guns, knives and swords.

The Pora Group is a reminder to all of us that we can stand up to the Beast of Terror in our own lives. We can pitch tents in the middle of the Beast of Terror's lair and vow to a non-violent stand against all his efforts to drive us away with Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

The Pora Group is a reminder that we are Sentinels of Vigilance
The Pora Group is a reminder that we are Sentinels of Vigilance

We can look in the mirror and say: "Pora! Pora! Pora!" and believe that instead of seeing losers, failures, victims, helpless, hopeless persons caught in a perpetual rut with no way out, that we are Sentinels of Vigilance. We are willing to stand up to the Beast of Terror who tries to turn us into a nail and make us think the world is a hammer, who tries to force us into Complacency and Resignation so we give up on our dreams and ambitions, so we surrender to voices telling us we aren't "good enough" or "worthy enough" or "pretty enough" or "smart enough" to compete fairly and justly in a world that we think delimits us the minute we step foot outside our door.

We can teach our children and loved ones to say: "Pora! Pora! Pora!"

When our children or grandchildren or someone we care about start to demean themselves or chip at their self worth with words such as, "Aw, I'm not good at...." Or, "Everybody can do it but me..." Or, "If only I had...." Or, "It wasn't my fault it was ....." Or, "I wish I was someobody else...." Or, "I hate myself..." or any combination of any statements which, when viewed with detachment, has barbed ends that spear into the soul of the person saying such words and scars the self image as might a metal hand slapping them on the face, it is time to issue the words: "Pora! Pora! Pora!"

It Is Time To Change. It Is Time To Switch From Terror Thoughts To Vigilance Thoughts.

It is time - to banish The Beast Of Terror with "Pora! Pora! Pora!"
It is time - to Banish the Beast Of Terror with "Pora! Pora! Pora!"

It Is Time To Banish The Beast Of Terror and usher in the Sentinel of Vigilance.

We can all learn a lot from the Ukrainian youth, and their parents who support them.

We can learn that if nations can stand up to the Beast of Terror, then we, the individuals should be equally able to.

Stand up to your Beast.

Say the words: "Pora! Pora! Pora!"

Then take the Pledge of Vigilance. It Is Time!


The Pora Manifest

of those
whose PORA ( TIME ) has already come
time to believe, time to live , time …
Time – it' s a beginning . Beginning of the new Ukraine .
Ukraine of new hopes , tr uth and freedom .
Time gave birth to Wave . Wave of Freedom that will wash away the dirt, that will purify the soul of Ukraine .
Time has come in the heart of Europe . In the spring 2004. When the judgement day of Ukrainian democracy has come .
Time has come when the power no more belongs to people .
We don' t have choice . We lose our freedom .
The disgrace of Mukacheve has awaken us . And we will awake the Ukrainian nation .
Because we know that freedom is the highest value that must be protected .
We say – we can not wait any more. Since this is death of our ideals, hopes and truth .
Next comes betrayal of parents and homeland .
We have already gone the way of struggle . We have fought for truth also before ...
That' s why Time has come .
Time to stand up or fall . Believe or forget . Love and hate . Fight or betray . Time to fight for ideals, not for politicians .
Time of people , who are ready for the feat of Kruty , but who will obtain their victory.
For those, who today says Time , there is no more fear .
Our weapon – truth . Our principle – equality of possibilities . Our faith – freedom . Our ideal – justice .
Time rises Wave. Wave of Freedom from Mukacheve to Lugansk . From Mariupol to Kovel . From Sevastopol to Romny .
Time to believe in Ukraine.
time to act, time to struggle , time to win !!!


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