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Why The Tsunami Animals
Know More Than Human Beings
Cliff McKenzie

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1211 DAYS,--New York, NY, Wednesday, January 5, 2005--There is a strange twist of fate surfacing from the death and destruction of the tsunami in Indonesia and Africa that has taken upwards of 150,000 lives to date.

An Indian girl, stands with her two cats in front of a relief camp in Portmot

The irony facing human beings is that no animals, no creatures, have been found dead.

The creature's Early Warning Systems were engaged on December 26 when the earth heaved deep below the sea and shoved billions of pounds of water onto the shore, smashing all in its wake and then sucking thousands out to sea.

While human beings were lolling in the sand and playing in the surf under bright, warm sun and laughing surf, serpents were slithering on their bellies toward the high ground. Cockroaches were scuttling to find shelter from the killer waves. Elephants crashed through the jungles to assure they would be unscathed by the tsunami's wrath. Monkeys scampered, chattered and swung through the trees to capture a castle keep that would keep them secure from the tsunami's terror-riddled anger.

Human scientists wading through the thick sea of dead bodies and decaying human flesh have been astonished that there is no sign of dead creatures. While human appendages are being found ten days after the ravaging surge of nature's power jammed into air shafts, not a single carcass of a snake, a drowned rat, a monkey's mangled remains can be found.

There are those who wonder why the animals of the earth are endowed with the power to know what is about to happen while human beings, alleged to be the superior species on the earth, stand dumbfounded as killer waves crush them into grains of sand.

Charles Darwin in the early 19th Century startled the world by shattering the myth that human beings were the divine creatures of earth. He brought science and evolution to confront religion and mysticism and proposed that the world was based on a single, simple formula: "survival of the fittest."

He claimed that all species fought to survive, and the most hearty of them prospered while the less hearty fell by the wayside and ended up erased, extinct.

Following that thinking, the tsunami suggests that human beings, despite the arrogance of their free will and belief they are in charge of the world, are the most vulnerable and fragile species of all to natural disasters.

Conversely, the tsunami reminds all that the creatures of the earth rule, that they far surpass human beings in the ability to survive.

The tsunami reminds all that the creatures of the earth far surpass human beings in their ability to survive

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone with common sense. The earth is some five billion years old. Mammals came into existence about 200,000 years ago, and fish and the first vertebra are more than twice as old.

Modern human beings, Homo sapiens sapiens, came into existence about 50,000 years ago and the first writing known to humans was developed in Sumeria about 6,000 B.C.

In the scope of "evolution" human beings are midgets. Whatever "instincts" for survival the other creatures developed during their growth, humans have yet to acquire that "sixth sense" that saved millions of non-humans this past December 26.

Creatures have a built in Sentinel of Vigilance about natural disasters.

Elephants help clear away the debris.....

Humans haven't developed that same power of the Sentinel of Vigilance.

Perhaps the current War On Terrorism being waged amidst humanity is a signal that human tsunamis can occur at any time and any place. A terrorist attack is a tsunami of sorts, for it suddenly rips holes in society's fabric and lays waste to the land around its epicenter.

As Darwin noted, the ability of a species to "adapt" is critical to its survival. One part of human evolution yet to be achieved is perhaps the ability to generate a "sixth sense" regarding the presence of Terrorism.

.....none were found among the dead

That sense, however, cannot be acquired without effort.

As long as human beings continue to kowtow to the Triads of Terrorism--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency--there can be little room for growth of a sixth sense. Humans will continue to feel they are victims and powerless against forces that appear sudden and unpredictable.

But that is false. The only reason anyone gets the edge on anyone is that the other person is not prepared, is not expecting the unexpected.

A Sentinel of Vigilance is trained to expect the unexpected in a positive, fulfilling way. He or she can look out on the horizon and enjoy its beauty and wonderment while understanding that the calm beauty can instantly turn into ugly tragedy.

The beach goers wading in the surf on December 26 suddenly found this to be true. What they didn't expect was the unexpected.

Bodies lined the beaches after being hit hit with the violent force of the tsunami

In the every day course of life, most of us shine off the seeds of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency. We tend to pay little heed to them for we don't recognize them as Seeds of Terror that left unattended, unweeded, can choke us and blind us to the Principles of Vigilance.

That's why when we vow to become a Sentinel of Vigilance, we vow to check and balance and neutralize each and every Fear Thought, each and every Intimidation Thought and each and every Complacency Thought with a Courage Thought, a Conviction Thought and a Right Action for Future Generations Thought.

In other words, the sinew of the mind to battle Terror Thinking must be exercised with the opposite of thoughts that diminish human beings self value, self appreciation, self worth. The Sentinel of Vigilance Thinking System allows each individual to manage and strengthen his or her sixth sense.

The creatures in the tsunami were aware that danger was coming long before it arrived. Human beings who practice Sentinel Thinking learn to see beyond the horizon. They see actions and behaviors that diminish human value and correct them before they turn into Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

Human Terrorism is the tsunami of Complacency.

It hits us with full, violent force because we have not prepared our minds and our souls with the Strength of the Sentinel. We are dragged out into the sea of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency because we have nothing to hold onto. We haven't sharpened and honed our ability to overpower Fear with One Percent more Courage, and conquer Intimidation with One Percent more Conviction, and quash Complacency with Right Actions that benefit future generations.

The human sixth sense to deal with internal and external terror is merely in development

In many ways, the human sixth sense to deal with both internal and external terror--terror of the physical and emotional ilk--is still in rudimentary development. Evidence of this is the absence of "dead creatures" in Thailand and other Indonesian countries.

Many may scoff at the idea that human beings are underdeveloped Sentinels of Vigilance, but that scoffing may simply be the Beast of Terror employing his Complacency in the form of arrogance.

No creature, human or non-human, can ill afford to not be Vigilant. We look both ways before we cross the street. We lock our doors at night. We put on seat belts. We watch our children to keep them out of harm's reach. We practice Vigilance daily in natural ways.

But, we tend not to prepare for the tsunami of Terrorism.

We don't keep our ears and eyes poised to see and recognize the footsteps of the Beast of Terror.

When we subscribe to being a Sentinel of Vigilance, we do it not just to keep ourselves sharp, but to help protect our children, and all children. The stronger our Vigilance, the fewer tsunamis we will face.

Be a Sentinel of Tsunami Vigilance.



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