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GROUND ZERO PLUS 1228 DAY,--New York, NY, Saturday, January 22, 2005--It's called Thunder Snow.

The worst storms commonly result from its wrath.

Icy cold air in the upper atmosphere is met in updrafts by warmer ground air. The turbulent updrafts drive positive and negative electrical charges to opposite sides of the wall, stretching them to their limits.

A bolt of electricity bolts like an angry Beast......

A bolt of electricity that we call lightening sparks between the two forces--the Plus and the Minus--attempting to bridge the distance between the two, to bring them back into closer context so they can be managed.

...between two forces and a great snap thunders through the heavens

Like an angry Beast unwilling to be tamed, the Negative charges resist while the Positive charges pull and a great snap is heard, thundering through the heavens as the forces of Plus and Minus clash.

The fire created by lightening is hotter than the surface of the sun. This massive ignition of power trying to bring "Vigilance" and "Terrorism" together explodes with ear-shattering results.

Thick, white flakes of snow, some reaching a span of two inches, falls toward earth. Composed of tiny crystal structures, the flakes spin and parachute to the warmer earth unless driven into a sheet of freezing powder by blizzard winds that can freeze the unsuspecting in mere minutes.

Such a Thunder Snow is expected today in New York City.

Millions are bracing for it. Nature has put humans on notice that when she wishes to take control either through a tsunami that sweeps tropical paradises with giant waves and washes tens of thousands to their deaths in mere minutes, or, through sending lightening and thunder to orchestrate a giant snow storm, she takes no prisoners.

Nature is blind in her wrath.

Nature is blind in her wrath

She will kill the old and helpless, the young and innocent, and everyone in between. Her business is not selective attacks on certain kinds of human beings as Terrorists tend to do. She will kill the Christian, Jew and Muslim within the same blink of her eye as she does the atheist or agnostic and those who know nothing and wish never to know.

Terrorists, however, will aim their weapons at a particular group of people and lay claim to some righteous intent behind their killing and maiming. Anyone who happens to be in the crossfire will suffer the same as the targets, but in the end, the Terrorists cite victory only over the maiming and destruction of their "enemies."

Mother Nature is far fairer in that respect.

Terrorists aim at particular groups of people but Mother Nature is indiscriminate

By not discriminating against any particular group, her violence, however homicidal, makes it hard to point a finger at her intent to "harm." She is simply acting as she has long before human beings walked the earth. She is five billion years old; humans have trouble tracing their ancestors back more than 3.5 million to a creature named Lucy, and to human-like footprints preserved in volcanic ash in Tasmania.

In Greek mythology, humans were Terrorized by thunder. It meant the "gods" were angry, that they had somehow violated some rules and were punished.

Terrorism's great power of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency is best expressed in a thunder storm. It drives children to hide or clutch parents for protections. They are Intimidated by the ability of the skies above to unleash such violence, and totally Complacent (powerless) to do anything about it.

Snow, on the other hand, usually connotes purity--a refreshing of things, a cleansing and birth of all that is good.

Thunder Snow mixes the two--Vigilance with its Courage, Conviction and Right Actions--clashes with Terrorism and its Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

Through George W. Bush's words, America has positioned herself as the global Thunder Snow

Like the negative and positive charges high in the heavens separating through the turbulent updrafts, the "good guy" and "bad guy" face off.

Lightening and thunder roil above as white, pure snow falls.

Casual observers of weather may consider a Thunder Snow just another anomaly of nature. But a historian of human nature sees in the thunder and snow the presence of the Sentinel of Vigilance and the Beast of Terror.

This battle is eternal.

I stand eager to taste and feel the blood of Snow Thunder on my face

Those who might ignore its truth in their particular daily lives need only pick up a copy of the news headlines from a couple of days ago. It was all about Thunder Snow.

The heart of George W. Bush's comments put Terrorism on one side and Vigilance on the other. He used the words Freedom vs. Tyranny, but by any whittling of words, the shavings create the same image--Fear vs. Courage, Intimidation vs. Conviction, Complacency vs. Right Action that benefits future generations.

America has positioned herself through George Bush's words as the global Thunder Snow.

The white snow of Freedom will fall upon the thunder and lightening of tyranny and oppression.

Those who want to be free of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency can by turning up their faces and opening their mouths to inhale the snowflakes of freedom that Mr. Bush promised the world.

Mother Nature reminds us that after the battle, a blanket of Vigilance will cover us

So, as the anticipated Thunder Snow approaches New York City, I stand eager for its entrance upon the city's limits. I want to stand in it and listen to the battle above and feel the snowflakes--the blood of Snow Thunder--flutter onto my face.

I want to know that Mother Nature is reminding us all that we must never give up being Sentinels of Vigilance, and that in the end, after the battle is fought and the thunder and lightening have passed, that upon the ground will be left the blanket of snow--the white, pure essence of Vigilance that brings hope to all who understand the value of each flake.


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