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GROUND ZERO PLUS 1230 DAY--New York, NY, Monday, January 24, 2005--Everyone likes to know someone is watching his or her back, and the backs of all the children.

Spies are in charge of that aspect of Vigilance.

Everyone likes to know someone is watching his or her back

By infiltrating the "Belly of the Beast," a spy becomes a Sentinel of Vigilance in wolf's clothing, walking, talking, laughing, guffawing, and participating in the plotting and planning to strike Fear, Intimidation and Complacency into the hearts and minds of as many innocent, unsuspecting people as possible.

The nature of Terrorism has always been to leap out of the dark and scare happy, carefree children so they cower and cringe and never want to leave the safety of their home.

To find out what tree the Terrorist is planning to stand behind to scare a child ...requires "battlefield presence"

The only true way to find out what tree the Terrorist is planning on standing behind to scare the children, and what town the Terrorist is planning to target, and what weapons of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency such a Terrorist is plotting to use requires "battlefield" presence.

To stop the flow of anything, one has to seek out its source, its headwaters, and plug the gap.

The next best tool is to find out where the waters are going to flow and avert them through warnings to others who can preempt the Terrorist tsunamis of greater or lesser degrees.

That's what the Pentagon figures. This weekend the Washington Post unmasked a clandestine operation allegedly conducted under the direct supervision of Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense. It involves a highly specialized group of "battlefield spies" who relay information directly from the headwaters of Terrorism to the Defense Department.

In the past, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) collected and dispersed such information, but, based on the 9/11 Report underscoring the need for more "human intelligence" gathering and less "technology," the Department of Defense launched its own Strategic Support Operations Group (SSOG) as part of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Unlike the CIA, there is no oversight over the Department of Defense's intelligence gathering.

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld denied the super secret SSOG spy team reported directly to him, and that he was briefed daily on its activities.

Spies are critical to the success of Vigilance.

Let's take a Parent of Vigilance for example.

Anyone who has ardently followed the writings of the VigilanceVoice will know that the first step in becoming a Parent of Vigilance is to "cover your children's backs." In short form, to be their intelligence gathering source, albeit, "their spy."

This is achieved by sitting with your child at "Ground Level" as one human to another, slowly bridging the gap of trust and confidence so that the child feels safe in sharing his or her private Fears, Intimidations and Complacencies.

As noted in these writings, the only way a Parent of Vigilance can ever expect a child to "trust" sharing his or her inner feelings is when the parents share theirs.

In other words, a Parent of Vigilance is seeking access into the dark realm of a child's mind--into those caves and crevices controlled by the Id wherein lurks the headwaters of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

A child's battlefield exists in his or her mind

A child's battlefield, just as an adult's, exists in the mind when one wrestles with issues of self-value, self-appreciation, self-meaning. A child who believes he or she is not worthy enough, smart enough, good looking enough, gifted enough, white enough, black enough, yellow enough, will become a "self-Terrorist," constantly booby trapping and assaulting his or her self image until the head hangs and the spark of life dies in the eyes.

To protect a child from taking seriously the Beast of Terror that all humans have seeded within, a Parent or Loved One of Vigilance must find a way to infiltrate the child's guarded mind set. There is a natural aversion by a child, or any human being, to expose his or her vulnerabilities for fear they will be used against them, or they will be thought less of because he or she admits to such character flaws.

The first step then in building trust with the child is to slip into the child's mind by sharing one's own deepest, darkest secrets of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency. Once the child accepts that what is being said is the truth, then based on the quid pro quo, the child will begin to reveal "secret information" concerning the location, planning and armament of his or her "Beast of Terror."

When asked "What are you most afraid of and why...." the child will begin to expose those secrets of the self.

This is, at its best, spy work.

The wise Parent of Vigilance will listen attentively to the child's Fears, Intimidations and Complacencies, and bite his or her tongue to not correct the child by saying: "But, honey, there's nothing to be afraid of...." when, the reality of life is, there are countless things to be afraid of--such as, not having enough money, enough beauty, enough smarts, enough love, enough brains, enough friends...and so on.

A true "SPY Of VIGILANCE" will simply listen and nod, and, if truly wise, relate a similar Fear, Intimidation or Complacency hoping the child will ask or invite the parent to share how he or she overcame it.

One of the missions of "battlefield spy" in the Defense Department is to "turn" enemy personnel into agents who work for the United States and spy on their fellows. In a way, when a child starts to tell a parent the lurking "Fears," "Intimidations" and "Complacencies" that exist in his or her mind, the parent has "turned" the child.

The child is spying on his or her own Beast of Terror.

Prior to bridging the gap, the Parent of Vigilance had no concept of what were the roots of the child's fears, for it is easier to snip them off by some brushing comment such as--"You don't need to be afraid....mommy loves you..." when the level of "mommy's love" has nothing at all to do with the roots of a child's fears.

This is where the Parental Intelligence System has its greatest value.

The Parental Intelligence System has great value
Create an "information tracking system" between you and your children

It forces the parent to think like a spy, and to win the confidence of the child's Beast of Terror.

All Beasts of Terror in all humans defy infiltration. Psychiatrists and psychologists, priests, ministers, hypnotherapists and anyone dealing with depths of psychotherapy know there is a huger reservoir of unlocked secrets swirling about in every human mind, and that when these become roiled up for any reason, and often illogical reasons, the child of such thinking can become a victim of the Beast of Terror, held captive by his claws and suffocated by the stench of his breath.

Today, the headlines rage with news about America's newest intelligence system, one that walks into the Belly of the Terrorism Beast and reports directly back to the Pentagon so that actions can be taken to avoid future death and destruction.

This is just as valuable as a Parent of Vigilance linking up with a Child of Vigilance and creating an "information tracking system" that allows the child to pass "secret information" on about the rumblings of his or her Beast of Terror.

The gathering of "battlefield intelligence" used wisely is worthwhile

"Mommy, Daddy, today at school I felt very Intimidated by...."

"Mommy, Daddy, I am afraid I'm not liked by....."

"Mommy, Daddy, I don't think I can do this...it's too hard...."

To the non-Parent of Vigilance these may seem almost casual commentaries by a child. But, to a skilled intelligence gathering Parent of Vigilance, they are signposts of an impending assault on the child by the Beast of Terror, and, can be used to track the sources of the Fears, Intimidations and Complacencies to their roots and then, when they are uncovered, chop them into pieces.

Politically, a number of forces are against the secret gathering of "battlefield intelligence," but, used wisely either against impending physical Terrorist attacks, or by a Parent of Vigilance to protect his or her child from the Beast of Terror, it's well worth getting.


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