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1,200 Years Of Prison For 1993 World Trade Center Convicted Terrorists

by Cliff McKenzie, editor, vigilancevoice.com

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1264 DAY--New York, NY, Saturday, February 26, 2005--Just after noon on this date in 1993 the first shot of 21st Century Terrorism shook the security of the 100 million families in America.

It was the bombing of the World Trade Center, eight years in prelude to another attack that would come from the air rather than from a van parked in the garage loaded with explosives.

The 1993 attack, celebrated today in a memorial to the six who died in that disaster, is a reminder that Terrorism is not new, that it never has been, and that it will be always ever present in our lives.

Each of the five Terrorists responsible for the bombing received 240 years in prison based on 38 counts of against the defendants. More than 1,000 people were injured in the attack that was hoped by its Terrorist architects to kill 35,000. Damage to the World Trade Center was estimated at more than a half billion dollars, but the rip in the security fabric of the United States was far more severe. Unfortunately, how bad a rip wouldn't be realized until the morning of September 11, 2001 when an orchestrated attack from the air punctuated the failed attempt on the ground eight years earlier to bring America to its knees as just as vulnerable as any third-world nation to the ravages of Terrorism.

But, the celebration of a horrible event in 1993 is not the most important Terrorism news of the day.

The 1993 earlier rip in our security was made more apparent on NineEleven

Perhaps more insidious and virulent is the resurgence of one of America's most frightening home-bred Terrorist, the BTK serial killer. From 1974 to 1986, the BTK suspect is linked to the deaths of at least eight people. The killer acquired the nickname "BTK" because his Terrorism includes binding, torturing and then killing his prey. Go To

While there is a tendency for America to look abroad for its Terrorists and imagine them wrapped in ski masks and speaking foreign tongues, countless thousands of "Continental Terrorists" roam the land plotting and planning their next attack on the innocent and unsuspecting.

Terrorism after all is said and done, is nothing more than imposing upon others Fear, Intimidation and Complacency in a variety of degrees. The label attached to Terrorists might start with "cruel" and "abusive" and, or, such euphemisms as "bully" or "mean." But, carried to the "nth" degree, such acts hold one purpose: to render the subject in state of emotional or physical subjugation, and, in some of the extreme cases, brutally killing them.

And abusive parent, for example, isn't unlike the BTK killer. He or she can strike such Fear, Intimidation and Complacency into a child so that the child quakes in his or her bed, fearful that the parent may lash out with the whip of his or her tongue and demean the child into a state where the child's bladder cannot be controlled, or that the child crawls deep into the bottom of the covers fearful the enraged parent might use the child for a whipping post either with his or her hands, or to issue out vicious verbal assaults upon the child for being "ugly" or "wishing you weren't born," or "don't bother me," or, "you're always getting in trouble," or, worse of all, ignore the child's emotional thirsts to be loved and treat the child with indifference of a rock.

Human arrogance is often the fertilizer to horrible ripples of Terrorism that turn into tsunamis as a child grows into an adult and then morphs into parenthood himself or herself.

This arrogance assumes or presumes that the way a parent was treated or mistreated provides a roadmap for the way a child should be. It is commonly understood that violence from a parent to child often begets violence from the child to its children in the later evolution of life. A father who beats his wife often sets a standard of violence for the future of the children who, if male, see the modeling of violence as a way to rule the roost, and, in the case of a female child, to absorb such violence in the "name of the family" and become a doormat, a punching bag for both emotional, psychological and physical attacks.

Personally, I find it unconscionable that our society banners headlines on all forms of egregious Terrorism as though these acts were isolated to the "extremes" of human nature, when the truth of these "pinnacles of Terrorism" is that they are natural evolutions of a host of smaller forms of Terrorism that ultimately aggregate into horrific acts of violence.

The Terrorists who flew their planes into the World Trade Center grew up with families condoning such actions, either through Complacency to their children's thirsts to 'let' others blood in jihad or to the actual encouragement of such acts. Our society forgets that there are millions upon millions of "foreign Terrorist-like people" who disavow such violence, and train their children to be respectful of all human nature and to abhor the violence upon others--for any and all reasons.

The BTK serial killer is symbolic of the fact that within us all sit the Seeds of Terrorism

In America, the BTK serial killer has popped up out of the dormant slime of his Terroristic primordial ooze. He is symbolic not of some anomoly of human nature, but of the fact that within us all sit the Seeds of Terrorism waiting to either be fertilized or crushed by beliefs and actions that either denude or annoint them.

Perhaps it all begins with what we see in the mirror. If we look at ourselves as "creatures" of abuse--by others, life or simply our own failing ways--then we become "nothings," veritable shells whose only worth may be in degrading and denigrating others, for by suppressing the value of others we may find some false elevation of our own self worth.

The BTK serial killer has stuck his hand up out of the crowd and waved it to remind the American people that looking outside this nation for the Osama bin Laden's, and clinging to some false belief that if we "kill all the Terrorists abroad" that somehow our children will be safer and more secure, is nothing more than fantasy.

Let's focus on what are doing to protect our children from becoming Terrorists and being victims of Terrorists

The reality is that we, Americans, need to teach our children and ourselves to be wary of the Beast of Terror Within. If we are Sentinels of Vigilance regarding our own lives, and live them by adhering to the Principles of Vigilance, then the Beast of Terror Without will have no cracks in our armor to penetrate.

So, on the anniversary of the 1993 World Trade Center attack we should all take a moment and reflect not on what Terrorism exists abroad, but focus on the BTK serial killer and ask: "What are we doing to protect ourselves, our families, and our children's families from the threats of Emotional and Physical Terrorism that wound them into becoming not only Terrorists, but the victims of them?"

If the answer is, in part, that we take the Pledge of Vigilance and apply it daily in our lives, then we are on the right path.


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