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GROUND ZERO PLUS 1292 DAY--New York, NY, Sunday, March 27, 2005--It's Easter Morning, 2005. For one-third of the world's six billion population who embrace Christianity, it's the apex of a Holy season. Christ, the symbol of the rebirth of God in human form and the issuance of a "kinder and gentler" application of the Old Testament's more ferocious "God," rises on this day, according to Christian dogma.

According to tradition,
Longinus was the centurion
who pierced the side of Christ
to prove that Jesus was dead.
St. Longinus is said to have
been converted to Christianity
after noting the darkness
descending following Christ's
death, and because he was
healed of his poor eyesight by
Christ's blood flowing down his
spear. He is said to have given
up his military life and died a
martyr's death. Through his
acts at the Cross, St. Longinus
not only fulfilled Biblical
prophecy, but also gave the
world one of its most discussed
relics: The Holy Lance.

Part of the story of The Resurrection includes a legend about the Roman guard, Longinus, whose job it was to ensure Jesus was indeed dead on the cross by striking the fatal "killing blow".

Crucification is a slow, painful method of dying. Because one is hanging, hands and feet nailed to a wooden frame, the internal organs begin to rip loose. Gravity tends to hold them in place because when one's feet are on the ground there is resistance shoving up to counter the force of the viscera's weight being pulled down. Hanging in the air, with nothing to support the feet, creates a gravitational force upon the organs that vectors straight down. Thus, the tissues clinging to the muscles have no support and begin to tear. The victim's "internal self" basically kills the body by tearing itself away.

In the legend of Jesus on the Cross, the Roman guard stationed to keep an eye on Jesus and the other two being crucified with him had failing eyesight. To hasten the death of those on the Cross, the rule was to break the knees, removing any possible source of counter pressure that might reduce the sureness of death.

The Roman guard broke the other two victims' knees, but elected not to break Jesus'. To insure death before the Cross was lowered to the ground and the bodies buried, a long spear was thrust into the heart of the victim. If any life was lingering, this final thrust was the seal upon death.

When the Roman guard thrust his spear into Jesus' chest, the legend says that blood and water flowed. Some of it splattered on the Roman guard. He rubbed his eyes with a bloodied hand to regain his limited vision. But, when he did, the story goes, his eyesight miraculously returned.

The world was no longer fuzzy and blurred.

In many ways, the Roman guard stands a symbol of the first Christian conversion. It was the first "miracle" following Jesus' death.

But the ultimate story about that event revolves around the spear used to thrust deep into Jesus' chest and what happened when it pierced Jesus' heart.

It is called the "Spear of Jesus."

Bernini's sculpture of St. Longinus (above) is in the Vatican

Over the two-thousand years since his death, stories abound that the spear was preserved and passed through many hands as one of the most venerated relics of the Crucifixion.

I watched a documentary on the Spear of Jesus on the Discovery Channel the other day. Modern science is attempting to verify that the relic claimed to be the Spear of Jesus is authentic. The relic being studied is a fierce-looking weapon. In the center of the spearhead is positioned what is claimed to be one of the nails from the Cross upon which Jesus died.

Over the centuries, the relic was used to symbolize Christianity's struggle. In some cases it was used postively and in others, less kindly. One of its possessors used it to garner tribute. Visitors to the kingdom paid a high ransom just to view it. It became a commercial tool.

In other cases, it was used to bring conversions. It was held as a symbol of the "conversion" process, reminding people that when they were killed on this earth, or died, theirs was a "greater life" in the Heaven Jesus proposed was waiting for all who followed the Christian faith.

In more simplistic modern terms, I look upon the Spear of Jesus as a Spear of Vigilance.

What we often look upon as cruel and horrible may indeed have great value in other terms. The death of Jesus to many was a terrible tragedy, and yet, had it not happened, the legend of Resurrection and the ideal of a world beyond that of pain and suffering on earth might never have evolved.

Vigilance is the story of overpowering Terrorism on earth.

Daily we face countless forms of Emotional Terrorism

Daily, we face countless forms of Emotional Terrorisms, each of them attempting to kill some part of us by forcing us to surrender our will and faith in the future. Fear, Intimidation and Complacency, the Triad of Terrorism, conspire to "Nail Us To The Cross." Each wishes to reduce us to "eternal suffering."

There are many people who walk around thinking they are losers or failures, and that no matter what they do life will be the same rut. There is little difference between that attitude and hanging on Cross with your internal organs ripping away.

But when the Spear of Vigilance is thrust into the "heart" of such Emotional Terrorism, the Beast of Terror flees. He is afraid.

The Spear of Vigilance is designed to carve away the thick shells of human despair that cloud our vision and blur our look at the world. As with the Roman guard, we tend to see the future in dim view after many experiences that seem to limit our potential.

Think about the Spear of Jesus and resurrect Vigilance

We tend to give up.

The Spear of Vigilance awakens us. It brings us to a new and different way of thinking.

Instead of surrendering to the Beast of Terror, we see the future as "what is right for the Children's Children's Children." We begin to shun our own Fear, Intimidation and Complacency and act with the courage and conviction of someone who believes the future holds more promise than any horror of the past or suffering that exists in the present.

On this Easter, I urge all readers of the Vigilance Voice to think about the Spear of Jesus and its idea. If we are to carve out the Beast of Terror who romps within us all, we need to act. We need to focus our vision.

When we take the Pledge of Vigilance daily, we are cutting away the Beast of Terror.

The Pledge is our way of killing our Terrorism and allowing our Vigilance to Resurrect itself.

Take the Pledge of Vigilance today.

And happy Easter.

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