Article Overview:    Super Tuesday is commonly thought of as the day when we vote for candidates to elected office.  But, it is also the day the Terrorists attacked on September 11, 2001.   To date, there have been 129 Tuesdays.    They can be Vigilant Tuesdays or Terrorism Tuesdays, depending on how you vote.   If you'd like to cast your vote for Vigilance--31 Tuesdays left to do it--read on.


Tuesday, February 24, 2004—Ground Zero Plus 895
Super Tuesday: A Day To Vote Against Terrorism

Cliff McKenzie

         GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Feb 24, 2004 -- We hear a lot about Super Tuesdays these election days.   It is the day that we elect our Sentinel of Political Vigilance or our Beast of Political Terror.

Super Tuesdays are the days we can elect .....

          Super Tuesday is more than electing a political leader; it is the bellwether day of National Security; the day we all need to take a deep breath and remind ourselves that just outside our door, lurking in the bushes, trying to hide in the shadows of our Complacency, hunkers the Beast of Terror, sharpening his or her fangs.
            For some, the election of a politician is all about "good" versus "evil,"  "right" vs. "wrong."

....our Sentinels of Political Vigilance

            When we cast our vote "for" someone, we are voting for a Sentinel of Vigilance.  We are voting for the man or woman who will guard our financial assets, protect our children, and preserve our rights as we define them.   If the wrong person wins the election, many feel they been invaded by the Beast of Terror.       

Political Terrorism is real

          Political Terrorism is often as real to those who feel they suffer from it as it is to people who dodge bullets and booby traps.
          Domestic Terrorism can translate to joblessness, lack of health care, increases in crime, a weakened stock market, inflation and a host of other disruptions that undermine the social security of the citizens.
           And, the entire process of electing Terrorists or Sentinels of Vigilance to office rotates around one day--Tuesday.
             Why Tuesday instead of Monday or Wednesday?   It seems the founders of America didn't want to interfere with people's Sunday.   Back in the "old days" people had to travel from their farms to the county seat to vote.   Setting the vote on Tuesday allowed them to travel on Monday, relax and vote the following day.
              We sometimes forget we vote for a lot of things at local, district, state and national levels.   All those votes are cast on Tuesday.  
               Terrorism chose to vote on Tuesday also.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 was a "Black Tuesday"

          On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, just after 8 a.m., the Terrorists voted with death and destruction.    On that "Black Tuesday" they elected the Beast of Terror to rule our land for as long as we let him.   We didn't have much say regarding the vote that day.   It was one-sided.
             I can still recall the silver underbelly of the Terrorist-controlled plane screaming overhead, hurdling toward the World Trade Center, set to ignite the massive structure into a holocaust.  Terrorism voted with the blood of nearly 3,000 American citizens.  My wife had in fact just finished voting right before she witnessed the second plane slamming into the north tower.
              Terrorists jammed the ballot box with Fear, Intimidation and Complacency, the platforms of Terrorism.   
               But, they didn't win the election.
               Vigilance fought back.
               Americans voted for Courage to replace Fear, stood behind Conviction to overcome Intimidation, and cheered on Right Actions that benefit our Children's Children's Children to trump Complacency.
                And, we are winning, but not without a struggle.

We must not tire of holding up our Shields and Swords of Vigilance

              The struggle is to remind ourselves not to become Complacent.   To not surrender to the Beast of Terror's desire that we'll tire of holding up our Shields and Swords of Vigilance.
             This is where Vigilance Tuesday comes to play.  Since the Second Tuesday of September, 2001, there have been a total of 129 Tuesdays.     Today is the 129th.   Next Tuesday will be the 130th.
                 If we want to keep our guard up against Terrorism, we need to vote at least once a week for the Pledge of Vigilance.   We need to cast our vote against Terrorism rather than expecting it to go away.
                 A free nation has free elections for one reason--because people can't be trusted to do what you expect them to do.   The check and balance system of government understands that within us all are degrees of the Beast of Terror who, left unchecked, may emerge and take advantage of any weakness.      

Some have a natural policy of checks and balances

           I'm always reminded of what Billy Graham, the evangelist, said to Larry King during the Clinton Administration scandal over President Clinton's sexual behavior.    Reverend Graham told Larry King he had a policy to never be alone with a woman other than his wife.  He said it matter-of-factly, as a policy, obviously his way of checking and balancing the Beast of Terror within, or keeping the borders and barriers of Vigilance up.
                  Any and all of us are subject to err.    We can make mistakes.  We can be led down the paths of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency before we realize where we are.    That's why we need to take the Pledge of Vigilance daily, if possible, but at least once a week.     

Super Tuesday is a great day to take the Pledge of Vigilance

                 There is no better day to take the Pledge than on Super Tuesday.  If we think of the Pledge of Vigilance as voting for our Sentinels of Vigilance, that we are voting for Courage, Conviction and Right Actions to rule over Fear, Intimidation and Complacency, we will keep the Sentinels of Vigilance in office.
                   If we get lax, the odds are the Beast will slip into office and, when we least expect it, he'll command some part of our lives that will not be to our benefit.
                    Today, there are 31 Tuesdays left until September 11, 2004.   That offers us all 31 times to retake our Vows of Vigilance, to recommit ourselves to doing what is necessary to protect our selves, our families and our world from the Beast of Terror.
                 When you think about voting, think about voting for Vigilance.    And, each Tuesday, Vigilance Tuesday, cast your vote.    Retake the Pledge of Vigilance.

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