Article Overview:   How sad it is that politicians use the dead bodies of Americans to garner votes, when those who are dying have volunteered to give their lives.   What about the real Terror  issues?   Who's trumpeting them?


Wednesday, February 4, 2004óGround Zero Plus 875
The Irony Of Iraq
Body-Count Politics

Cliff McKenzie

         GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Feb 4, 2004 --- There is something sickening about winning a political vote over the dead body of Americans fighting for the freedom of others.
        The main political issue being bannered by the Democratic candidates on this post Super Tuesday is the attack on President Bush regarding his foreign "war" policy versus the need for a stronger domestic policy.    The blood of more than 500 dead Americans, some of whom died in combat and some who died in non-combat in Iraq, is being served up as an example of "waste."

US troops conducting a nighttime patrol

       To a man, the Democratic candidates are "anti-war" thumpers, led by Howard Dean's ranting platform and followed by Senator John Kerry who, thirty years ago led the Vietnam Veterans Against The War campaign.
        Promoting "Iraqi war" body count is a sad platform to walk on the road to the White House.
        Such a journey masks the true reason why nearly 3,000 who died on September 11, 2001--none of whom volunteered for combat as did all the troops in Iraq.  A volunteer Armed Forces agree to defend their nation both at home and abroad with their lives.    It's not as though those who die didn't sign up for the mortality of war.    We're not drafting the unwilling, not yet.

None of the victims of Nine Eleven volunteered to die fighting Terrorism

       None of the victims of Nine Eleven volunteered to die fighting Terrorism, not even the hundreds of firemen or police who perished that day.
       But that's not the real rub.
       America is at war with many forms of Terrorism, not just the kind we see splashed on the headlines, or laced as the main rip tide of the stump speeches of politicians seeking to unseat President Bush.
       More than 20,000 deaths a year,  40 times those who have died in Iraq, are the result of drunk drivers.  Where is that fact being bannered by our would-be political leaders?

Terrorism is a car filled with drunken "suicide drivers"

         What greater Terrorism does our nation face than a car filled with "suicide drivers" drunkenly careening into other cars filled with innocent people, many including children?   What difference is there in a drunk driver driving a 4,000-pound "vehicular bomb" and a suicide bomber in Iraq loading a donkey cart full of explosives?
        Then there are homicides in the United States.   And heart disease from overeating.   And the long list of children being abused--all statistics that involve Terrorism that needs to be battled with much more force than the deaths of Americans fighting for the freedom of others.
       It saddens me to think the bodies of both the troops in Iraq, and the bodies of my Sentinels of Vigilance at Ground Zero, are being used to win votes.

To attack the fight on Terrorism as a violation of the public trust is not a valid one

        If you are a true Sentinel of Vigilance, perhaps you should look at the agendas being published by the contenders for Chief Executive Officer and ask yourself:  "Are these the priorities of our nation?    Is fighting Terrorism, of any kind or shape, better than becoming Complacent to it at home or abroad?"
      There is no question domestic issues need to be addressed.   But to attack the fight on Terrorism as a violation of the public trust is not a valid one.


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