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Terrorism is more about how we deal with our emotions than about bombs and bullets. If we let the Triad of Terrorism--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency--get to us, we don't live the happy life we could. Neither does our family or loved ones.

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Today's Story 

September 11, 2001



September 11, 2006

For Whom Do The Terrorism Bells Toll?

September 11, 2005

9/11 Four Years Later: A Cry For Vigilance

July 3
Independence Day Is Vigilance Day

June 24
A Twelve-Year-Old-Girl Is Saved By A Pride Of Vigilance

June 21
The Pride Of Being A Father Of Vigilance

June 11
You Know A Man Not By His Deeds But By The Ultimate Sacrifice :
A Tribute To Life By John Collins

June 9
Social Justice In Iraq & New York City -
Are We Complacency Terrorists?

May 29
Beware The Calm Of Complacency That Attacks Us During Summer Terrorism Time

May 17
Flushing The Koran Down The Toilet --
A Deadly Rumor-Terror-Error

May 13
The Crumbling Infrastructure Of The Moral, Physical And Ethical Vigilance Of America

May 9
The Terror Or Vigilance Of Time

April 29
Ratting Out Yorkie Terrorists

April 16
The Vigilance Tax

April 7
A Million View Sentinel Of Religious Vigilance

April 2
A Case For Benevolent Kings

February 2005 STORIES

March 31
The Holy Tube?

March 29
Battling The Beast Of Smoke

March 27
Happy Easter To "The Spear Of Jesus"

March 16
$11 Billion Beast Of Financial Terror Looks To Eat Prison Bars For 70 Years

March 15
Beast of Terror Feasts At The Church's Altar But Sentinel Of Vigilance Turns Page

March 14
The Scar Tissue Of War--Scabs Of Peace & Freedom

March 8
The War Of Conflict Among Nations, States, Families Is A Myth Of Miscommunication

March 2
The Terror Of A Toilet

February 2005 STORIES

February 27
Softly Stalks The Beast Of Terror In Our Backyards

February 26
1200 Years Of Prison For 1993 World Trade Center Convicted Terrorists

February 22
The Emotional Terrorism Of Social Security

February 21
Snowfall On The Gates Of Terrorism

February 19
Uncommon Valor Was A Common Virtue

February 14
The Vigilance of Valentine's Day

February 13
Unfurling The "Gates Of Vigilance"
(photo exclusive of unfurling)

February 9
Central Park's "Gates Of Vigilance
(photo exclusive of gates being raised)

Febrary 8
A Bite Of The Vigilance Apple: Syria & Israel Heading Toward 21st Century
"Ping Pong" Diplomacy?
February 5
U.S. Government "Terror Wolves" vs. State Sentinels Of Vigilance
February 4
Triad Of Terrorism: Battling Emotional Fears & Intimidations
February 2
America's First Mother Of SuperBowl Vigilance

February 1
Talking To The Joint Chiefs Of Staff

January 2005 STORIES

January 30
A Woman Dentist In A Bullet Proof Vest Stands Sentinel To Iraqi Vigilance
January 29
What Compels A Father To Kill His Daughter At School?
January 28
When President Bush Forgets To Speak To The Children's Children's Children
January 25
All Quiet On The Terror Front
January 24
The Eternal Value Of "Spies Of Vigilance..."
January 22
Thunder Snow: Nature'sVigilance VS. Terrorism
January 20
Inauguration Of The First Global Sentinel Of Vigilance
January 17
Dying of Cancer On Martin Luther King Day
January 14
The Price Of An Iraqi Vote: 12 Drops Of American Blood
January 13
Finding The Underbelly Of Terrorism Far In Outer Space Or In Our Own Inner Space
January 12
Where Does The Terrorism Buck Stop?
January 10
Victory, Defeat, Retreat Or Vigilance: A Time To Recall FDR's Four Freedoms

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